· Sep 13, 2018

Atelier Source code versioning


I'm starting work with the Atelier. 

Starting from the point that Eclipse uses local files on the workstation, COS development can be versioned with market tools (For example GIT or Subversion).

I would like to know how the community has worked with code versioning, to create a consistent versioning model.

I initially have the following doubts:

  1.  Creation of WorkSpaces and Projects
  2.  Merge files
  3. Change Branch Functional Development
  4. Promotion of Environments: Development -> Homologation -> Production
  5. Generating Historical Tags

Thank you all.

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We switched to Atelier late last year, mostly to be able to use Git and GitHub. We follow a strict GitFlow workflow. Versioning is working well as long as you follow the workflow.  We release every third week (plus occasional hotfixes) using Jenkins via a test server and a staging server.

We have 7 developers working on the same code base but merge conflicts are very rare and GitHub/Git does a fine job of solving them.

Switching branches is not a problem but you need to reload and recompile your entire code base every time (we have upgraded our dev machines seriously to be able to do this quickly).

Regarding workspaces/projects: we only have one workspace but have split the application some 50 projects. ISC recommended us to keep the projects small but given the CPU power we now have, I think we would have been better off with just having one project.

I can't say Eclipse is the best editor in the word and the Atelier code completion  is nowhere near as slick as Studio but it is worth it.

Hope that helps.