Sameera B K · Mar 10, 2017

SourceControl - Git


I am trying to integrate the Git with Studio. I have followed the below process to achiche Git tab in my Studio for Namespace

But I am getting the below error when I trying to Add the file. GitCodecache is my git repository.

fatal: c:/GitCodecache/cls/User/Testing.xml: 'c:/GitCodecache/cls/User/Testing.xml' is outside repository

class '%Studio.SourceControl.Interface', method 'GetStatus': 78 zStatus+8^Studio.SourceControl.Command.GITClient.1

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As it is opened project, you can fill an issue directly on that repository. So, developer may get notification about it quite quickly to respond.

Hi Sameera,

Make sure that workdir is configured in ^GITConfig with a trailing slash.

set ^GITConfig($username,"workdir")="c:\GitCode\"

Also make sure that your workdir c:\GitCode\ is a proper initilized git repository.