Hi all,

I am new in Cache. I have to update a record with a long text field, for that, I am using ODBC but the issue is that it is returning an error when I execute the ODBC SQL statement because the field contains some commas, colon, double quotes, single quotes, and CR LF characters.

There is a way to escape this chars? I have seen I can save the field when I replace the single quotes with a double single quote (it's -> it''s) but I can not save the information when the field contains double quote chars. What about the other chars?

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Hi all,

Does anyone know if a process (which is using a license unit) does an OPEN or USE to send data (to a label printer as an example) through TCP, will result on license slot usage?

If so, will use a new connection of the currently used one by the process or will get a new slot?

Kind regards

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Morning guys I have a SQL operation that I use to read data and results to a record map. But seems to have trouble saving the objects to a record map as I get this message

ERROR ErrException:
zInsertObject+2^%Library.RelationshipObject.1 -- logged as '-' number - @''

please help here is my code let me know if I missing anything thank you in advance

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Hi Team ,

Can I please check if anyone has encountered SOAP authentication error when trying to submit a certificate signing request or when trying to get certificate .

I configured a local CA server without SMTP configuration and I configured a local CA client. These steps worked okay.

Then I tried to Submit Certificate Signing Request to Certificate Authority server and I am getting the following error :

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we are receiving the MDM document from one Data Source , we need to convert the MDM to ORU to send to the receiving Data Source.
Does HS components could make this conversion or we need to use Ensemble mapping to convert the MDM to ORU message?


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Hi everyone.

I have a use case where I'm using embedded SQL within a Business Process to interact with a SQL table. However, when it comes to deployment into our production, the table wont form part of the deployment package created from the production.

Beyond manually creating the table on the production system, is there a standard way of ensuring that a table needed for a class is created during deployment?

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I need to redirect user to a url, which is 5000+ characters long.
To do that I set:

set %response.Redirect = url

However, in the browser I receive this header:

LOCATION: <First 3972 characters of the 'url' variable>

In WriteHTTPHeader method of %CSP.Response, where the LOCATION header is

Write "Location: ", <Redirect>,!

After I added a buffer flush, after the above-mentioned line:

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Recently i've been using Restforms2 to create a CRUD API for a project. But it lacks some advanced functionality that we need, so we have created a production with a REST WS which handles those advanced methods. That works great but there's a drawback, it does not have authentication.

I would want to use the same authentication method as Restforms2 which is a basic auth using IRIS users and passwords.

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Out of curiosity, I was looking in ^ROUTINE global to see how routines are stored internally.

I found out that lot of nodes are displaying "~pointer" as associated value (eg: instead of a string).

What are those pointers ? My guess is that it references some cache internal structure (eg: some nodes inside a B-Tree).

Is there a easily way to see what is behind ? Are pointers useful for user globals or is this something purely internal to Cache database ?

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Hi all,

I might be losing my mind or do not understand how ObjectScript does string comparisons, but the following does not look right to me.

Is it really possible that you can't compare non-numerical strings other than with an equals or not equals?

USER>w ("45" < "46")
USER>w ("45" > "46")
USER>w ("V45" < "V46")
USER>w ("V45" > "V46")
USER>w ("V45" <= "V46")
USER>w ("V45" >= "V46")

In Python:

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I was wondering if there is a way of adding additional headings under the settings tab for services etc?

I'm aware its possible to add items under the additional settings heading, but being able to split these out into separate headings would look a lot nicer.

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· Jun 6, 2018
Send PATCH http call

I need to send a PATCH call from the server to a given url.

Until now I was using %Net.HttpRequest to issue calls for get/post/put but today I had to make a PATCH and I can't find a way to do it.

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· Mar 20, 2023
Reading through file fast

Hi Guys,

I've the below code that copies 15000 records into a global, problem is that taking around 11 secs to finish and I'm wondering if there is any faster way (eg. would copying the file into stream and look through the stream makes it faster!?) because I've hundreds of files I need to process every time.

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I am trying to write a message to a Kafta cluster programmatically (i.e. not in Ensemble or using a Production) using %External.Messaging. I am consistently getting a 'topic not found error' even though I have created the topic on the cluster. I dug into the client I created an when accessing the property KaftaClient.jclient.gateway I get the following output:

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Hello All,

I hope it's not a silly question.

Here is my issue:
I have 3 simple classes:

Parent class, let's say:

Class ParentClass Extends %RegisteredObject
Property a As %String;

and two children classes
Class A.Child Extends ParentClass
Property b As %String;

Class B.Child Extends ParentClass
Property c As %String;

So no issues - all compiles and seem to work.

But, when I add %XML.Adaptor to my parent class, so:

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Is it possible to compile classes on a current version of the platform for a previous version? So using a compiler switch to compile classes that will run on a prior version?

We are implementation partners building a set of tools and we would like to ensure that the code will run on earlier versions we don't have access to.

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