Mike Kadow · Aug 9, 2017

The data type %Char or %Library.Char

The description says it is a fixed length character field.

How do I set the fixed length?

Or by just setting %Char to something, does that automatically define its length?

Are the parameters MINLEN, MAXLEN involved? Or are these the way I set the fixed length?

Any help with this?

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I was wondering if there was a way to if the user is using Studio and changes a file to get the users name and have a function run when the file is changed.

Ive got this working for .int files but not for .csp or .js or .css or any other kinds of files.

When we edit code we are logged in to the Cache backend’s server through Studio by using an iPaddress (which is on our network).

I know now there are concepts of file locks and logs for when certain tasks are ran or when a user maybe edits a file

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Delab guz · Feb 11, 2022
Driver odbc performance


I'm using the InterSystems Iris odbc driver (DriverODBCVer=02.10) to get data from Iris table but it is slow.

Is there any options to improve performance ? Increase the packet size ?

Change to do in odbcinst.ini / odbc.ini to make it quicker ?


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If I add the same patient data with a different unique ID then it inserts as new data using a POST request.
So, In the FHIR server How can I prevent this kind of thing by using POST requests?
Note:- I don't want to use a PUT request for the same. The main thing is I want to get a unique patient record.
Que:- Is there any way to check data duplication on each FHIR resource?

Thanks & Regards,

Harshdeep Acharya

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version 2016.2.1 on windows

I accidently clicked the mouse into the output window of studio (where you get the compile results etc) and typed soemthing in there (by mistake) and it came back with <SYNTAX>.

I've been playing with it further, and it's like a cut down version of terminal.

I can "s x=1" and the "w x" and sure enough, it will display "1" (ie the value of x)

when I call one of my utilities ie "d ^dev", my utility runs as expected, but when I try entering a value (my utility was waiting on a read *x) it generated a <SYNTAX> error.

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In which global cache class codes are storing in cache DB?

For example, Routine codes are storing in ^ROUTINE global.

situation: Need to read line by line and need to replace one string to another string in class files(.cls file) using programming.

Need to replace Property type in class files using programming i mean via programming to edit the class files

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Should be easy, right? My DEV environment is working just find and sending out alerts via email, however my TST and PRD environments are showing "ERROR #6070: SMTP Send failed" on the Ens.Alert email operation. Same configuration settings on the operation, same SMTP server being addressed (I confirmed that I can ping the mail server from DEV, TST, and PRD boxes) and same port#. I turned on "Log Trace Events" but don't see anything additional in the logs. Am I missing something?

Let me know if you have any thoughts.



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We have a stored procedure with one input parameter and one input/output parameter.

declare @hl7message nvarchar(max) = 'Pass the hl7 message here',
@output nvarchar(max);

EXEC sp_InsertHl7 @hl7message, @outputresult = @output OUTPUT;
print @output;

@output value will be "Pass" or "Fail"

Below code is inserting the HL7 successfully into the target DB, but not returning the output value as expected.

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Hi , i have a JSON record as follow {value1,value2, value3}

i want to write my switch statement in this form:

<switch> my value
<case> value1</case>

is there any possibility to extract values from JSON record and put them in a switch statement?


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praveen danda · Oct 10, 2017
Create Custom Table or View

Hi ,

I am newbie working on Cache .

I have a global ^BB("QA",QDJ,QTM+i) , i want to create a table or a view to access the data from this.

I am expert in creating tables & views on RDBS like Oracle, SQL server. But no idea on Cache.

Can someone guide me from scratch how to pull the data from the global.

I have installed Cache Studio on my machine.


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I am writing a Python tools I want to access the %Monitor.System.License properties:

  1. AvailableDist
  2. AvailableLocal
  3. MaxUsedDist
  4. MaxUsedLocal
  5. CurrentUsedDist
  6. CurrentUsedLocal

Initially I want to develop Objectscript to verify access to the properties. But I can not figure the proper syntax.

I first attempted:

set ans = ##class(%Monitor.System.License).AvailableDist

which failed.

I tried another approach:

set ans = ##CLASS(%Monitor.System.License).%GetParameter("AvailableLocal")

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Good afternoon - I am in the process of writing a AngularJS front-end for some CoS functions that my integration team uses for auditing, analyzing and various other purposes. I have re-tooled the functions to return JSON results that AngularJS can then interpret and display. Many kudos to the AngularJS series on this site for giving me a jump start.

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Rochdi Badis · May 7, 2022
HTTP request using a curl

Hi guys,

How do I create a make a http request using curl, I've found samples on how to do it from a command prompt but how to create and make a http post request and get a response with ensemble object and functions?

I guess somthing like :

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