Jon Astle · Nov 9, 2017

Detecting and managing failover

I have Ensemble/Healthshare running in a production environment which is setup with a mirror failover and an arbiter sitting between them.

In the event of a failover we have a number of connections that need stopping/monitoring and starting in a certain order.

Is there a programmatic way we can detect the failover and stop certain services and operations immediately and then start them up again in the required order, checking their connection state before starting the next connection.

I am thinking Ens.Director is probably what I need however I need some guidance on how to implement a solution.

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I'm a bit confused by this question. When a failover happens, all the connections to the instance will be forcibly shut down, since the instance will be forced down. 

If you want to do anything to start things up at a specific point in the process of the other node becoming primary, you can put code in ZMIRROR.

Hi Pete I thought the question was pretty straight forwards however... When the failover happens and the mirror kicks in all the connections are active on the mirror and automatically reconnect.  Some of the connections we don't care about and can just startup immediately on failover however there are some other that if they are not started in a particular order they cause us issues. 
Thanks for the reply I will look at ZMIRROR and see if that is what we are looking for.