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Hello Robert!
ok I think I understand, thank you again for your time and code.

So in my first attempt I actually saved the object in the databas as a %DynamicObject but I could not get the indexing to work.
So saving as a %DynamicObject is not problem I am in control of how the information is saved.
Lets say JSON contains "firstName" how would i create the index directly without computed properties on just that property $.firstName

This below did not work and as far as I can tell it did not even understand that it was a object and just indexed the refrerence.
Index AnalyticIdx On (JSON) As %iFind.Index.Analytic(INDEXOPTION = 0, LANGUAGE = "en", LOWER = 1);

So I am still confused by this line below from the docs

Specify $ to index the entire JSON object. Specify $.key2 to index the JSON values at key2 and below...

ok but where should I specify $ or $.firstName, please answer if you know this.

Best regards,

Good morning all!
Whaow thank you for your time and effort! You all gave me a great start of a new day angel

I cannot still help to wonder about the few lines found in the documentation, how to you interpret these lines below.
"Indexing a JSON Object
You can create an iFind index for text stored in a JSON object. This index specifies the starting position in the JSON structure. iFind recursively indexes all text at that level and all nested levels below it. Specify $ to index the entire JSON object. Specify $.key2 to index the JSON values at key2 and below."

Link to documentation

So using my sample json I am thinking that it means that I can choose only to index firstName by creating the index and passing an argument like $.firstName something like 

Index AnalyticIdx On (JSON) As %iFind.Index.Analytic(KEY=$.firstName, INDEXOPTION = 0, LANGUAGE = "en", LOWER = 1);

Best regards,

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