· Mar 10, 2022

How to show Generated classes in Visual Studio Code

I want to be able to view generated items from visual studio code. In Studio there was an option in the open dialog:

Specifically, I added a namespace to my workspace for editing (Using InterSystems Server Manager) and I want to be able to access the generated items in this namespace.

I tried modifying the following setting:


But this did not seem to make an impact. Is there some sort of refresh I need to do to make this setting do what I want, or is there a different way to do it?

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Thanks, this works. I did have to click the "+" icon and add a new namespace to the Explorer, since adding the namespace from InterSystems Server Manager did not pull it into the ObjectScript Explorer. This is kind of an unusual case since I don't necessarily have a project/workspace for the generated class I want to view. If I already had one, then I wouldn't need to use the namespace explorer.