· Sep 29, 2017

Are Config.* classes backwards compatible to previous versions of the cpf format?


I am running the latest version of Cache and am trying to use the Config.* classes in the %SYS namespace to be able to gather information from a cache.cpf file that was provided to me by a customer.  The customer is running an older version of Cache which had a different Version number in the cpf file.  Theirs is 2013.1 and mine is 2015.1.  

My question is, are the Config.* classes backwards compatible.  Can I use a 2017.1 version of Cache to read information from cpf file from a 2014 system?

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That's fine and nothing new.
You missed my point:

With the Class Query it's not self explaining if params got to Prepare() or to Execute()

I just learned from  John Murray a few comments above

Prepare() is for dynamic SQL, but in your case it's a class query you want to run.
So change your rs.Prepare call to be an rs.Execute one.

that you don't need a prepare with a Class Query.
I wasn't aware of that until a few hours ago.

Then it's obvious that any param has to go to Execute().