David Little · May 17, 2022

Alternatives to the (missing) CPF Merge Action CreateMapPackage

So it appears that this feature is still missing in 2022.1 (


Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how to create Namespace Package Mappings on deployment in a 'neat' way during automated deployment?


  I really like the ability to use merge cpf on deployment of our servers, but this one missing action is kind of holding me back.  Appreciate if anyone else has encountered this and how they approached it.



Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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If you need an alternative, you can use the Config package in "%SYS"

Ex : 

New $Namespace
Set $Namespace = "%SYS"
Set properties("Database") = "YourPackageDatabaseCode"
Set sc = ##class(Config.MapPackages).Create("YourNameSpace","PackageName", .properties)
Quit sc

There is also a library to do this with a json configuration file config-api, but it's heavy just for a mapping.

It is available in 2022.1, it just hasn't hit the documentation yet. You can go ahead and use it.

inadvertently omitted, sorry. will add to the doc as soon as i get a chance.

they were in one of the lists in the section David linked to, but now they are in all four. thanks for catching this David!

My heroes!  I hadnt had a chance to download the development version yet to test it, probably should have done that first.

Very glad that this has been included, saves me some pain.  Thanks for the clarification