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ClassMethod OnPage() As %Status [ ServerOnly = 1 ]
    //just the query string...
    set qs=%request.CgiEnvs("QUERY_STRING")
    //SOLUTION 1: $piece only
    set externalCenterCode=$p(qs,":")	
    set startDateRange=$p($p(qs,":authoredOn=le",2),":")
    set endDataRange=$p($p(qs,":authoredOn=ge",2),":")

    //SOLUTION 2: generic solution if params grow	
    for i=1:1:$l(qs,":") {
        set nvp=$p(qs,":",i),name=$p(nvp,"=",1),value=$p(nvp,"=",2)
        //fix the quirks
        if value="" set value="name",name="ecc"
        if name="authoredOn" set name=$e(value,1,2),value=$e(value,3,*)
        set params(name)=value

    //SOLUTION 3: regex(ish) solution
    set code=$p(qs,":")
    set loc=$locate(qs,"le\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}")
    set start=$e(qs,loc+2,loc+11)
    set loc=$locate(qs,"ge\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}")
    set end=$e(qs,loc+2,loc+11)

    //some helper code to dump the variables into the CSP page
    write !,"<pre>"
    //use this to take a good look at the request object...
    zwrite %request
    write !,"</pre>"
    quit $$$OK

Here are three solutions and a couple of inline tips, including your request for regex example

I wouldn't worry too much about using $piece, its very common to use it in this way

Eduards comment above also has a fourth suggestion to use $lfs (list from string) which is also commonly used as a way of piecing out data

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