Kevin McGinn · Apr 14

Accessing %Monitor.System.License properties

I am writing a Python tools I want to access the %Monitor.System.License properties:

  1. AvailableDist
  2. AvailableLocal
  3. MaxUsedDist
  4. MaxUsedLocal
  5. CurrentUsedDist
  6. CurrentUsedLocal

Initially I want to develop Objectscript to verify access to the properties. But I can not figure the proper syntax.

I first attempted:

set ans = ##class(%Monitor.System.License).AvailableDist

which failed.

I tried another approach:

set ans = ##CLASS(%Monitor.System.License).%GetParameter("AvailableLocal")

which also failed. There is open method so it appears access options are limited. I am missing something about this class. I have not encountered such issues accessing other classes. Any help in either objectscript or Python form would be helpful.

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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In COS create an instance of the License class and run the GetSample method to fetch the current license info. You can then reference the properties directly.

set ans = ##class(%Monitor.System.License).%New()
set sc = ans.GetSample()
write ans.AvailableDist

Thank-you. Your suggestion works perfectly