· Feb 11, 2022

Driver odbc performance


I'm using the InterSystems Iris odbc driver (DriverODBCVer=02.10) to get data from Iris table but it is slow.

Is there any options to improve performance ? Increase the packet size ?

Change to do in odbcinst.ini / odbc.ini to make it quicker ?



Product version: IRIS 2021.2
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Hi Delab,

I had a similar issue where a third party Reporting Tool was using the IRIS ODBC driver (in machine A) to pull data from IRIS DB (in machine B). 

After several hours of investigation I found that it was the Anti Virus (in machine A) interfering with the  Super Server port (The port that we use in the ODBC driver setting). 

As Eduard suggested, you can run the query from SMP to compare timing. I would also suggest to access the SMP from machine A and run the query.  I believe it will give you more clue about the network.  Good Luck!!