My heroes!  I hadnt had a chance to download the development version yet to test it, probably should have done that first.

Very glad that this has been included, saves me some pain.  Thanks for the clarification

Is there a way to interact with cache in a command line other than csession

Long story short, out of the box install; No (none that I'm aware of anyway).  Going forward I'm sure InterSystems will recommend using ICM (InterSystems Cloud Manager (for IRIS)), however I agree that doesn't help us for existing installations/configuration management.

I've had a few conversations with a handful of IS staff and there's no "great" answer, but I'm willing to help.  Ansible's up-coming Collections ( will greatly change how vendors interact with and create modules, so I'm curious if there are any IS internal projects in this space happening right before we start anything on the community side.

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