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%On... callbacks are served and integrated into he OBJECT world and typically don't care about any Trigger.

Triggers live in the SQL TABLE world of your class, with a hand full off %-variables unknown at the Object side
and without an actual instance of object but directly writing to Globals.

Take a look to the generated .INT code of your class and see what you have at hands.
I always found it quite ambitious to attempt a common code of both sides when directly changing Objects or Tables.

- for SQL access have Triggers
- for Object access have your %On* methods

Applies only before 2014.1 as pointed out. 
But Trigger code doesn't look much better. 

SQL Code and it's style and methodology was there long before Objects in actual style where introduced. (feeling mid 90ties)
It was mainly kept for backward compatibility.
In Caché 5 (2002) they were a real parallel universe  Object - SQL.
Later Computed + SQLcomputed Properties were for long time the only  place for common code.