Hi Community!

Good news! One more upcoming event is nearby.

We're please to invite you to join the "J on the Beach" – an international rendezvous for developers and DevOps around Big Data technologies. A fun conference to learn and share the latest experiences, tips and tricks related to Big Data technologies and, the most important part, it’s On The Beach!

We're more than happy to invite you and your colleagues to our InterSystems booth for a personal conversation. InterSystems is also a silver sponsor of the JOTB.

In addition, this year we have a special Global Masters Meeting Point at the conference. You're very welcome to come to our booth to ask questions, share your ideas and, of course, pick up some samples of rewards and GM badges. Looking forward to seeing you soon! wink

So, remember!

Date: May 15-17, 2019
Place: Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones Adolfo Suarez, Marbella, Spain

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Hi Community!

We're pleased to invite you to the DockerCon 2019 – the #1 container industry conference for all things Kubernetes, microservices, and DevOps. The event will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from April 29 to May 2.

In addition, there will be a special session "Containerized Databases for Enterprise Applications" presented by @Thomas Carroll,  Product Specialist at InterSystems. 

See the details below.

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Hi Community!

This is the update on what are the new applications submitted on OpenExchange in March 2019

New Applications

isc-tar  published by @Dmitry Maslennikov 

Compact files as TAR or Extract files from TAR files

Light weight EXCEL download v.1.0 published by @Robert.Cemper 

This is the working example of a light weight export to EXCEL based on data in SAMPLES namespace. Good old CSP is well equipped to produce HTML tables accepted from EXCEL as input. With modern Browsers you don't even need and tags. So the required code around your SQL result set is really slim. And you are free to add any formatting you need either by HTML or in SQL.

PythonGateway v.0.7 published by @Eduard Lebedyuk 

Python Gateway for InterSystems Data Platforms.

Adopted Bitmaps v.1.0 published by @Robert.Cemper 

This is a running example of the Bitmap Adoption

WebSockets Tutorial v.1.0 published by @Lily Taub 

A short tutorial on WebSockets in InterSystems IRIS 2018.1+ and Caché 2016.2+

Sync Data with DSTIME v.1.0.0 published by @Robert.Cemper

Other Sync-Tools just work from Caché/IRIS to Caché/IRIS. Synchronizing your data to some external DB you requires some other solution. DSTIME can do it.

HL7 and SMS Interoperability Demo v.1.3 published by @Amir Samary 

This demo shows how easy it is to integrate an Electronic Medical Record system that is sending HL7 messages with AWS.

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Hi Community!

We're pleased to announce that that InterSystems IRIS Community Edition is available on the Docker Store! InterSystems IRIS Community Edition is the no-cost developer edition designed to lower the barriers to entry to get started with IRIS. Now that it is listed on the Docker Store, running an IRIS Community instance is as easy as -

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We at George James Software are pleased to announce that our acclaimed code debugger and editor Serenji is now available as a Visual Studio Code extension.

As well as supporting the latest InterSystems IRIS platform Serenji also works with earlier platforms, including versions lacking the server-side Atelier API support required by other VS Code extensions.

Serenji connects you directly to the code in your namespaces, resulting in an experience more familiar to existing Studio users. No need to export and import classes and routines.

We believe Serenji is the first extension to bring VS Code's powerful debugging features to ObjectScript developers.

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Hi Community!

Here is a digest of the Developer Community postings in March 2019.

Most viewed

CachéQuality for VSCode now available  364

Studio debugger since 2018.1.1  149

Job Opportunity - Relocate from Europe to UK  137

InterSystems IRIS version 2019.1 released   127

Tar compress tool in ObjectScript  125

A Tutorial On WebSockets  122

Embedded SQL vs ObjectScript SQL. What do you prefer and why?  121

A Deep Learning Demo Kit with Python3 Binding to HealthShare (Part I)  118

Side Effects of Quit and Return Commands with $Increment, or "I.E.Repin. Unexpected..."  117

String to date  116

Behind the scene of isc-tar project  100

Using Docker with your InterSystems IRIS development repository  99

Global Data converted to CSV file  87

CSP: Dynamically Generated Table  79

Behind the scene of isc-tar project and story about Continuous Integration using Github Actions  66

Run A Deep Learning Demo with Python3 Binding to HealthShare (Part II)  62

Most voted

InterSystems Partnertag Österreich 2019  7

Adopted Bitmaps example now on Open Exchange  7

ObjectScript error handling snippets  7

Tar compress tool in ObjectScript  6

InterSystems DACH Symposium 2019  6

Synchronize Data with DSTIME  6

A Tutorial On WebSockets  4

CachéQuality for VSCode now available  3

A Deep Learning Demo Kit with Python3 Binding to HealthShare (Part I)  3

InterSystems IRIS version 2019.1 released   3


Most commented

CachéQuality for VSCode now available  36

HL7 message import to sql server  16

Studio debugger since 2018.1.1  12

Rule to validate SQL syntaxis  12

No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header issue with Cors  11

Cache docker image  9

Creating multiple Record Map Records from a single HL7 message  8

Quick way to check if an SSL/TLS configuration name is valid?  7

Sending Messages on the Top of Queue  7

Ensemble to Spring Boot Java app using RabbitMQ  6

Top 10 Authors to Follow by Views

Dmitry MaslennikovPosts,  291

Zhong LiPosts,  180

Lily TaubPosts,  122

Alexey MaslovPosts,  117

Evgeny ShvarovPosts,  99

Ponnumani GurusamyPosts,  87

Robert CemperPosts,  85

Gevorg ArutunyanPosts,  79

Pravin BartonPosts,  61

Stuart ByrnePosts,  40


Top 10 Experts to Follow

Eduard LebedyukAnswers,  +8

Aviel KlausnerAnswers,  +7

Alexander KoblovAnswers,  +4

Kyle BaxterAnswers,  +4

Vitaliy SerdtsevAnswers,  +4

Jeffrey DrummAnswers,  +4

David Van De GriekAnswers,  +3

Stephen CanzanoAnswers,  +3

Dmitry MaslennikovAnswers,  +2

Robert CemperAnswers,  +2

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Hi Everyone!

Please meet InterSystems at hub.berlin - Europe's interactive business festival for digital movers and makers on 10 - 11 April 2019 in Berlin.

We look forward to two-day inspirational lectures and intensive technical discussions and invite you and your colleagues to our InterSystems booth for a personal conversation. In addition, we'll also present a keynote presentation and host a masterclass session.


See the details below.

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Hey Developers!

Do you want to reap the benefits of the advances in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning? With InterSystems IRIS and the Machine Learning (ML) Toolkit it’s easier than ever.

Join InterSystems Sales Engineers, @Sergey Lukyanchikov and @Eduard Lebedyuk, for the Machine Learning Toolkit for InterSystems IRIS webinar on Tuesday, April 23rd at 11 a.m. EDT to find out how InterSystems IRIS can be used as both a standalone development platform and an orchestration tool for predictive modelling that helps stitch together Python and other external tools.

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Benjamin De Boe · Mar 15, 2019
SQL Developer Experience survey

Hi all,

In order to prioritize functional requirements for evolving our SQL developer experience, we have prepared a short survey to better understand how you’re currently using and, in an ideal world, would like most to interact with our SQL platform.

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Hello All,

I have been associated with Intersystems technologies for over a decade working on Cache, Zen, Ensemble etc.

This is a very niche field and a lovely community. I wanted to extend my hands to connect with people who are of same field or related to it.

Here is my linkedin profile. Pls feel free to send me an invite or drop me a message


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