· May 29, 2022

Dynamically pseudonymizing FHIR data: FHIR Pseudonymization Proxy

Hi, I am glad to announce another submission to OpenExchange and the current contest, the FHIR Pseudonymization Proxy. The FHIR Pseudonymization Proxy adds a transparent pseudonymization layer to any existing FHIR server, enabling clients to perform queries on the FHIR server – which may contain personal identifying information – and receive an on-the-fly pseudonymized version of the data.

The proxying mechanism is realized with the IRIS for Health platform through an interoperability production, BPLs and DTLs, and the FHIR interoperability adapter. The pseudonymization includes all IDs and personal data and is configurable via DTLs.

The demo application at OpenExchange comes with a built-in FHIR endpoint and populates it with some example data. Check it out, or configure your own FHIR server as the proxy target and try it. smiley

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