· May 27, 2022

MSC - job / InterSystems developer - great opportunity, Turin, Italy

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company continues to invest and lead the world container market with ships, an extensive container fleet, intermodal and dedicated staff for its customers. The Company’s evolution to its leading brand needs consistency to market, and therefore it is paramount to standardise data, processes and management information. Established in 1998, MSC Technology provides development and technology support for the MSC transportation divisions and is composed by highly accomplished technology professionals. Today, with a team of 1000 plus, MSC Technology provides the best, most interactive maritime software solutions available in the industry. With an emphasis on equal employment opportunities and a collaborative approach to growing our expertise and solving complex problems, we are a trusted strategic partner with a great journey ahead of us.

Intersystems Developer

Under the governance of the internal program, the Intersystems developer designs, develops and helps the operations of the Event Processing solution based on the IRIS Data Platform. MSC Logistics department is the main customer of this platform. It’s applicable to computing of the equipment activities and their corresponding message streams. The main area of design and development regard data integration and validation through predefined business rules and processing to Database. Subsequent integration technologies will be required to complete the process automation. The developer will work with the global teams (India, USA, Europe), with external partners / vendors and in coordination with the in-place Community of Practices to ensure the coherence of the development with the program architecture. The developer will need to deliver several work packages with local/offshore resources. The developer will play a key role during the release process in coordination with both the development teams and the Application operational teams. The developer will need to understand a) business and application requirements, performance, upgrade and maintainability requirements, and b) existing components available on the market and within MSC, to provide his expertise in a proactive manner to the projects teams.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, develop, document and maintain his/her work packages with transparency
  • Enforce non-functional requirements such as reliability and performances in his/her project designs
  • Work closely with the development teams and existing system providers to provide and design solutions
  • Ensure knowledge transfer with development and operation teams for the corresponding platforms
  • Problem isolation and resolution, with expectation that continuous improvement and enhancements are implemented
  • Perform and coordinate development and operation across our multi-regions environment
  • Work with external 3rd parties to integrate the technologies

Additional Responsibilities

  • Identify opportunities for integration technical components
  • Advise, promote, coach, coordinate the use of these tools
  • Actively participate in the solution identification; review, assess and prepare decisions to be taken by Program’s Management and Architecture.
  • The developer ensure that all Projects and Applications effectively use technical components as per the validated Technical Architecture Design
  • Applications performance (response time and availability) will be paramount to the success of the Program. Thus, the developer is to propose and lead the setup of a specific governance model to ensure that the right emphasis and focus is given to performance related topic.
  • Participate in the building of applications development standards, best practices repository, and control mechanisms.
  • Build technical components user guides for other IT and Program’s Teams
  • Contribute to the development of training material and processes documentation

Qualifications and Experience

  • At least 4 years’ experience with InterSystems technology (IRIS/CACHE) with experience in the following subjects: COS (cache object script) & OO (object oriented) development using classes SQL (both embedded and dynamic), class queries & SP (stored procedures)
  • Proven experience with Interoperability (aka Ensemble) in both design & implement solutions in a complex production, experience with use of various adaptors (e.g. SQL, REST, HTTP)
  • Working with XML & JSON files
  • Developing with a modern IDE (e.g. Visual studio code) or eclipse, with some Studio knowledge
  • Developing with source control (preferable Dev-Ops) with experience using GIT
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