John Murray · May 30

Launch WebTerminals from within VS Code

If you do your IRIS development in Visual Studio Code and wish you had a convenient way to get a terminal session on your server, take a look here:

A new VS Code extension leverages the popular and well-established WebTerminal package to bring you this experience.

If you like it, please vote for webterminal-vscode in the current contest. Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 5th.

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Marketplace is showing 99 installs already. Thanks for all the interest so far. Will you be number 100?

I wanted to try it, but it appears the bug/incompatibility with instance prefixes is still on the issues list (at least for the main branch of WebTerminal). Does this extension include a fix/workaround for that?

I see that the extension documentation discusses the issue I mentioned in my previous comment. So it looks like this may not work with a standalone web gateway server that hosts multiple instances using the conventional implementation method (instance prefixes). I'd love to solve this issue, but it's a bit outside of my wheelhouse.