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It seems that the issue lies in Node.js and that its support for adding trusted CAs is not quite perfect (see e.g.

The only way I could get it to work was by setting the environment variable


and thus disabling certificate validation entirely in node js.

Btw: Things which looked promising but did not work:
- the http.systemCertificates setting. Node.js in the extension host does not seem to be affected by this setting.
- the http.proxyStrictSSL setting
- the win-ca extension
- the NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS env var to add trusted CAs. This would be the preferred way, but I could not get it to work, unfortunately.

Hi Matthieu,

so you want to use Git for IRIS for an automated export of classes and set it up from the iris.script, which will be invoked in the Dockerfile.

From the code you have pasted, it seems like you use a different Git Source Control implementation (zpm "install git-source-control“). The implementation discussed in this thread would be installed with

zpm "install git-for-iris“

There, you can use the API functions in SourceControl.Git.Utils in the iris.script:

do ##class(SourceControl.Git.Utils).AddDefaultSettings()
do ##class(SourceControl.Git.Utils).AddPackageToSourceControl(„<My.Package.Name>“, „<MyNamespace>“)
do ##class(SourceControl.Git.Utils).SetSourceControlStatus(1)

A default package is added to source control via module.xml for demo purposes, as well as the /csp/user/sc web application for callbacks from git, both of which you may want to remove.

As a final step, you will have to activate the source control class in IRIS. The manual process is described here, you might look into the corresponding CSP page to find out how to do it programatically.

Hope this helps.

Hi Ben, the project started as a fork of Caché Tortoize Git, which was a good starting point, and initially I intended to change only a few things. As development went on, however, most of the code has been rewritten and I think only 10-20% is left from the original code. There were just too many differences in the basic concepts, including the Globals structure, handling of namespaces and projects, and interaction with Git (hooks -> REST) and Studio (none).

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