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Love it. Much more advanced than what I created for myself. Is there a github repository or are you planning a commercial release?

This looks great!!  Is this building on top of an existing open source project and adapting it for InterSystems IRIS?

HI Ben, this is using the Atelier API on the backend. This will need to be augmented at some point for addional functionality.

The text editing and highlighting component of the front end is using the Monaco library.

Everything else on the front end is built with just pure JavaScript, CSS and the DOM API, no web frameworks or UI libraries.

Mad respect for nailing that VSCode look without using VSCode code.

Marvelous work.  WebSutdio + WebTerminal = nothing else needed?  :)

CloudStudio is now also available with Docker Support and on Online Demo Server 

Docker support


Make sure you have git and Docker desktop installed.


Clone/git pull the repo into any local directory

git https://github.com/rcemper/Dataset-OEX-reviews.git

Run the IRIS container with your project:

docker-compose up -d --build

How to Test it


or use Online Demo 

Thanks again for the help getting this working Robert, very much appreciated!

Just by curiosity I tried it on Caché
>>>  Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2018.1.3 (Build 414U) <<<

As ZPM is missing I had to use the manual installation
Following strictly the installation guide It got up and running immediately

It fully fills all my needs from any of my browsers.

Hi Luc. Thanks for the update. I've only been able to test in the latest versions of Chrome and Edge so far.

I was wondering if anyone has tried Safari yet? I suspect it will probably fail until I make direct support for it.

This is amazing to my js-dated eyes. Congrats @Sean Connelly.

Q: Are we back to a full & tight integration & experience that we had in Studio? With BP support and all? Posterity will cast their vote on that but I see a clean unadulterated architecture and I think the option to add Python support so I think we are on a winner :-)

All the best Sean and thanks for sharing it.