The Great Outdoors campaign is running on Global Masters and we invite you to join!

The main goal of this campaign is to drive answers for unanswered questions on DC so all the members get the answers they need. Your knowledge is so important for the community. It's time to share your expertise!

Complete all 7 challenges of this campaign till September 15, 2020 to enter a raffle to win a $50 VISA Card*!

Also, you can participate even if you are not a Global Masters participant - read below how:

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Hi Community,
As you may know, on Global Masters you can redeem a consultation with InterSystems expert on any InterSystems product: InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, Interoperability (Ensemble), IRIS Analytics (DeepSee), Caché, HealthShare.

And we have exciting news for you: now these consultations available in the following languages: English, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese. Also! The duration is extended to 1.5 hours for your deep dive into the topic.

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Hey Community,

We're pleased to invite you to the first webinar dedicated to our Global Masters Advocate Hub! Please join:

➡️ InterSystems Global Masters Advocate Hub Overview webinar ⬅️

Date & Time: Friday, August 14 – 10:00 EDT

Let's see the Global Masters Advocate Hub from the inside and talk about how you can benefit from participation in this program. We'll go through:

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Hi Community,

We recently launched Technology Quizzes on Global Masters! Every 1-2 weeks a new small quiz will be published. Join the game to learn, earn points, and have some fun. Filter challenges by type "Quizzes" to view the quiz question of the week:

Also! You can suggest your quiz question for other developers and get 200 points for the idea, and 100 points more after we publish it! Submit ideas in this challenge.

Note: if you are new to Global Masters, Quiz Questions will be unlocked after you gather at least 200 points. That's easy - just complete a couple of available challenges!

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Hi Community,

New reward available on Global Masters Advocate Hub! Please welcome:

⚡️ Your Webinar supported by InterSystems ⚡️

Would you like to hold a professional webinar for developers and tell about your solution/tool and your company services?

Redeem this prize for 3,000 points and we will help you to organize it!

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Hi Community,

As you know we have a Global Masters program — InterSystems Data Platform Advocacy Hub.

All Global Masters members (Advocates) can achieve various levels of advocacy which depends on contributions on Developer Community and activity in Global Masters. Every new level opens new types of challenges (tasks) and new types of rewards.

Recently we introduced a new level of advocacy with the name "Ambassador". Ambassadors and VIPs will have unique privileges and opportunities.

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Hi Developers,

2019 was a really great year with almost 100 applications uploaded to the InterSystems Open Exchange!

To thank our Best Contributors we have special annual achievement badges in Global Masters Advocacy Hub. This year we introduced 2 new badges for contribution to the InterSystems Open Exchange:

✅ InterSystems Application of the Year 2019

✅ InterSystems Developer of the Year 2019

We're glad to present the most downloaded applications on InterSystems Data Platforms!

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Hi Developers!

Recently we announced two new challenges on Global Masters: 'Bugs Bounty' and 'Pull Requests'.

And we are getting a lot of submits to the challenges which are not the thing we are expecting there. So I hope this post will give some shine to this quest.

'Bugs Bounty'

Ok! What are we expecting from 'Bugs bounty'?

There are a lot of Open Exchange solutions that come with public open-source repositories on Github: project and repo, another project and the repo, another one and its repo, and many more on Open Exchange.

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Hi Community,

We are pleased to announce the Global Summit 2019 social media contest called "Twitter Rush"!

Help us share Global Summit 2019 with the world by tweeting live about the keynotes, breakout sessions, newest technologies and awesome moments as they happen! To participate in the contest, post your updates to Twitter with the hashtag #GlobalSummit19 between the dates September, 19 – September, 25 2019.

Our #1 social media Ambassador will win a 10.5-inch iPad Air Wi‑Fi 64GB!

🎉Check out the winner announcement below! 🎉

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Hi Developers!

If you happen to visit Global Summit 2019 don't hesitate to stop by Developers Community Booth (table 9 on Tech Exchange, 3rd floor) - we can help to submit your Open Exchange solution to ZPM Package Manager.

One package Output Capture by @David Crawford is already packaged and can be installed with the following command:

zpm:USER>install output-capture

Also, come to chat on your dev experience and collect your GlobalMasters badge from @Anastasia Dyubaylo ;)

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Hi Developers!

InterSystems Developers Community today unites more than 7,000 developers from all over the world. Since 2016, our community has been growing and improving for you, our dear developers!

Together we've done a lot over these years, and much more is planned for the future!

So, who makes our community better every day? Who tries for all of us and improves the space for developers?

Let's warmly greet our team:

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Hi Everyone!

InterSystems HealthShare is nominated for the Computable Awards 2019! The Unified Health Record that we implemented together with our partner Itzos in the St. Maartens Clinic has a chance to become the "ICT Project of the Year in Healthcare".

A great honour, but of course we also want to win. We need 4,000 votes! Therefore we'd like to ask you to vote!

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Hey Developers!

Are you an author of a helpful / important / remarkable articles? Good news!

After your article marked with "Best Practices" tag on DC you will get a special badge and additional points on InterSystems Global Masters Advocacy Hub!

Please welcome a new special set and find out how to get all these badges:

Badge's Name

DC Best Practices
Author Badge

+ 500 points

Awarded after your 1 / 10 / 25 / 50 articles (not questions) were considered as InterSystems Data Platform Best Practice on Developer Community.

Bronze Best Practices Author Badge

+7,500 points

Silver Best Practices Author Badge

+20,000 points

Gold Best Practices Author Badge

+75,000 points

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Hi Everyone!

We have a good tidings for you! Recently, we launched a new block on Developer Community Site called "APP OF THE WEEK" (you can see it through all website pages on the right).

And now you have a great opportunity to promote your project!

Redeem a new reward that available for Global Master advocates only: "Open Exchange project promotion on Developer Community"

What benefits will it give you? See the details below.

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Hey Developers!

Good news! Just in time for the holidays, Gartner Peer Insights is offering customers a $25 digital Visa Gift Card for an approved review of InterSystems IRIS or Caché this month!

We decided to support and double the stakes. So! In December '18 you can get the second $25 digital Visa Gift Card for Gartner review on Caché or InterSystems IRIS on InterSystems Global Masters Advocacy Hub!

See the rules below.

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Hi Community!

New Badges're already on Global Masters Advocacy Hub!

We're happy to announce that this year we again introduced three annual badges on Global Masters Advocacy Hub to let you remember how much you contributed to Developer Community in 2018. Here they are:

DC Best-Selling Author 2018
DC Expert 2018
DC Opinion Leader 2018

Let's take a closer look at the DC Wall of Fame 2018 and greet everyone with big applause!

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