· May 13, 2021

Meet the Global Masters Winners for April!

Hi Developers, 

It's time to announce the Winners for April 2021! Please welcome our awesome Global Masters Heroes!

The storm of applause goes to these developers and their great contribution to DC in April 2021:

🥇 @Dmitriy MaslennikovCo-founder, CTO and Developer Advocate, CaretDev Corp, Russia

🥈  @Lorenzo ScaleseSolution Architect, Zorgi, Belgium

🥉 @Robert Cemperex Senior Sales Engineer from InterSystems, Austria


Learn more about the competition and our awesome winners below.


About @Lorenzo Scalese

Lorenzo achieved the Master of Answers badge for 5 accepted answers on DC, published 3 articles, and 21 comments, got the Bronze Open Exchange Developer Badge for 5 Apps on Open Exchange, and the Post 5 Reporter Badge for 5 articles on DC  – congratulations! 🤩

"I'm solution architect at Zorgi.  Zorgi is a specialist and Belgian market leader in IT solutions for the healthcare sector.  

I started my career in 2007 as a developer and working on many projects related to the healthcare industry: electronic medical recording (EMR) software, radiology software, connectivity with RIS\PACS and ionizing modalities, national hub medical data exchange,... 

Today, my work is mainly to define the general architecture of an EMR software, creating developer tools, deployment scripts, and migrate Caché\HealthShare based applications to IRIS using containers.

I've been working with Intersystems technologies since I started my career.  From Caché 5.2 to IRIS today.

About me:  I was born in Belgium in 1984, my parents are Italians. I live in a country village, married, and father of 2 boys (11 years old and 8 years old).

My hobbies: technologies, mountain bike rides, DIY, and video games

Below is a picture of my village:


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About @Dmitriy Maslennikov

Dmitry earned the Silver Open Exchange Developer Badge for 10 Apps on Open Exchange, wrote 3 new posts, 35 comments, and 9 accepted answers, added 3 applications on Open Exchange, had great activity on Global Masters - Congratulations 🥳 and thank you for the constant contribution to the Developers  Community!

Please read Dmitry's bio in this post.

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About @Robert Cemper 

In April, Robert Earned the badge Advanced Translator 🧑‍🎓, uploaded 3 applications to Open Exchange, and made 74 comments on DC. Thank you, Robert! ✨

Please read Robert's bio in this post.

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Thanks to all the winners for your constant great contribution to InterSystems Developer Community! 

Let's congratulate our Heroes in the comments below!

About Global Master of the Month competition on Global Masters Advocate Hub: we nominate advocates every month who have gone the extra mile by being highly engaged in the Global Masters and Developer Community. Winners get 1000 points and a special badge. We also offer for winners to publish their bio – now in the article on the Developer Community! 

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