· Jul 27, 2021

Know someone who would like to become a Global Master?

Hey Developers, 

We love Global Masters program for dynamic, fun and networking. We love that we can get to know you better and provide you with some valuable things.

We are excited to have more members in Global Masters, and we'd like to ask your help on that: 

❔ Do you know other developers who work with InterSystems technology and would love Global Masters? 

▶ Here's the dedicated GM Referral page where you can leave your colleague or co-worker contact details, or get your unique referral link - to send it yourself 😊


Please note: 

  • This Referral page is live till the 1st of August 2021.
  • Only corporate emails accepted.
  • Please do not abuse the system by self-submissions / submitting not relevant people.
  • We reserve a right not to send invitation if we consider a prospect not qualify for the program.

If you are not Global Masters member yet, we invite you to join the program. Log in using your WRC credentials (InterSystems login button).

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