Olga Zavrazhnova · Dec 14, 2020

Review InterSystems IRIS on TrustRadius and get $25 VISA Card

Hi Developers, 

We invite you to take a few minutes and leave a review about your experience with InterSystems IRIS on the TrustRadius. Submitting a review requires time and effort, so we'll be glad to reward you with a $25 VISA Gift Card for a published review!  

UPDATE: this promotion ended in 2021. 


To get a $25 VISA card from InterSystems follow these steps:

✅ #1: Follow →  this link ←  to submit a review (click on the "Start My Review" button).

✅ #2: Your review will have a title (headline). Copy the text of the headline of your review and paste it in this challenge on Global Masters.

✅ #3: After your review is published you will get the $25 VISA Cards and 3000 points on Global Masters.

Please note:

  • TrustRadius must approve the survey to qualify for the gift card. TrustRadius will not approve reviews from resellers, systems integrators, or MSP/ISV’s of InterSystems.
  • TrustRadius does not approve the reviews that have been previously published online.

Done? Awesome! Your gift card is on the way! yes

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Hmm. The link to GM says:


Sorry friend, looks like this challenge is no longer available.

My title: " Never say IMPOSSIBLE with IRIS " 

Hi Robert, thank you for submitting a review for us! I made some corrections to the challenge, so the link should work for you now. 

Hi, the GM link is broken. It says:


Sorry friend, looks like this challenge is no longer available.

Hi Akshay! So great, thank you! Your reward is opened for you on Global Masters. Happy New Year!

There seems to be some error. I clicked on Redeem, and my card just disappeared. It is not showing in the Rewards section either!

That's the way it works. You consume it once.
You'll get a mail once processed. But probably not this yearindecision

Ah no issues, I'll wait until next year. I've got nothing but time. Thanks though!!

Thank you, Robert! Your gift card is already opened for you on GMsmiley

I can't see any challenges... What do I do now?