Olga Zavrazhnova · Mar 18, 2021

Global Masters: x2 points for each post and translation on DC!

Hi Developers! 

We double up the number of points awarded for each post and translation on Developer Community. Starting from 03/18/21 you get for each article or question:

✅ 200 points on DC EN
✅ 400 points* on DC ES / PT / CN / JP

✅ 100 points for each translation!

Also, do you remember that you get a bunch of points for a pack of articles/comments? Please check here:

1st article 5 articles 10 articles 25 articles  50 articles
1,500 points 7,500 points  15,000 points  40,000 points  75,000 points 


1st question 5 questions 10 questions 25 questions  50 questions
500 points 2,000 points 5,000 points 15,000 points 30,000 points


And you are getting badges for each of these milestones! In this article, you can find all the levels and badges (place a mouse cursor on the badge to see how to earn it). 

*Increased number of points for DC ES / PT / CN / JP during a promotion period.

Additional information about Global Masters:

If you have not joined InterSystems Global Masters Advocacy Hub yet, let's get started right now! yes

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments to this post.

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