Global Masters Levels Descriptions

Hi Community!

In this post you will find info about Levels of the Developer Community & InterSystems Global Masters Advocate Hub.

All Global Masters members (Advocates) can achieve various levels of advocacy which depends on contributions on Developer Community and activity in Global Masters. Every new level opens new type of challenges/tasks and new types of rewards. 

To level up you should earn a number of badges from the next level.  Badges can be earned for completing various challenges at the Global Master.

Now all the Advocates can reach  5 Levels:

  1. Insider
  2. Advocate
  3. Specialist
  4. Expert
  5. VIP

See the details below.

Levels's Name
Insider Level


       You start with "Insider" level, once you join the Hub. 


Advocate Level

       Next level requires any 3 of the badges from the following:

DC RecruiterInterSystems ResearcherDC Problem SolverDC CommenterDC Author

       So it's enough to ask a question, answer the question or invite a colleague to the Community!       

Specialist Level

       Specialist level requires any 3 badges from the following list:

Global Master of the MonthBronze Opinion Leader 2017DC Opinion Leader 2017Bronze Expert 2017DC Expert 2017Bronze Best-Selling Author 2017DC Best-Selling Author 2017Winner of AdventOfCOS2017Bronze RecruiterTrusted AdviserInsightful AuthorDC Expert 2016DC Commenter 2016DC Limelight Author 2016DC Buzz Maker 2016DC Best-Selling Author 2016DC Contributor 2016Bronze Expert 2016Bronze Commenter 2016Bronze Limelight 2016Bronze Buzz Maker 2016Bronze Best-Selling Author 2016Bronze Contributor 2016Favorite PostHealthShare ReporterDeepSee ReporteriKnow ReporterEnsemble ReporterCaché ReporterCurious MemberReporter BadgePopular Writer

       It's not easy to achieve a specialist, but it is doable!       

Expert Level

       Expert level requires any 4 of the badges from the following:

Silver RecruiterSilver Opinion Leader 2017Silver Expert 2017Silver Best-Selling Author 2017Remarkable PostExpert MentorRecognizable Author Silver Expert 2016Silver Commenter 2016Silver Limelight 2016Silver Buzz Maker 2016Silver Best-Selling Author 2016Silver Contributor 2016Notable WriterHealthShare BloggerDeepSee BloggeriKnow BloggerEnsemble BloggerCaché BloggerThorough MemberBlogger Badge

       It's very hard to become an expert in InterSystems Data Platforms! 
       And we happy to know this guys!       

VIP Level

       This level requires 5 badges from the following:

Gold Opinion Leader 2017Gold Expert 2017Gold Best-Selling Author 2017Gold RecruiterDeveloper Community ModeratorAnswer ChampionPowerful Author Gold Expert 2016Gold Commenter 2016Gold Limelight 2016Gold Buzz Maker 2016Gold Best-Selling Author 2016Gold Contributor 2016Unforgettable PostHealthShare Opinion MakerHealthShare InfluencerDeepSee Opinion MakerDeepSee InfluenceriKnow Opinion MakeriKnow InfluencerEnsemble InfluencerEnsemble Opinion MakerCaché Opinion MakerCaché InfluencerSocratic Member Inquisitive MemberOpinion Maker BadgeInfluencer BadgeFamous Author

       This is fantastic level, we thought we don't know this people – but they are exist!       


Please check the additional information about Global Masters:

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