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Hi Joe,

That error doesn't indicate that it found the file, it just describes the path where it is looking for the file (per your configuration). If Ensemble can't access a file despite the file existing, this is likely an OS permissions issue. I would check to make sure the OS user Ensemble is using has permission to access the directories/file.

Outside of that, perhaps there would be other helpful evidence in the OS log, Ensemble ^SYSLOG, or the Ensemble event log.

Hello Yatin,

That's a known RDP issue that has been fixed in modern versions of Caché. To get around it you can use ccontrol console:

Using Multiple Instances of Caché

"ccontrol [run | console | cterminal] instname    Runs Caché in programmer mode with either no device, the console, or the terminal for $Principal (Windows only)."

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