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Hello Ravi,

This is probably a better question for the WRC. You've redacted some information (the domain name) that could be helpful in understanding this behavior, and I suppose you'd be comfortable sharing those specifics with them. I'd look into the details of your environment such as permissions, etc., and make sure you followed the installation documentation.

Running the Installer on Linux or macOS

Note that only Mac 10.13/10.14 are supported for that version of IRIS for Health, and for development only.

Supported Technologies


I'm confused about your mentioning Caché and IRIS for Health as those are separate products.

Depending on what your jobs are doing, they could certainly require a license. Why do you suspect a license issue, and why don't you have a license applied?

I'd check the various IRIS.logs, probably the audit and messages.log first. Without more details on what is going wrong, how it is going wrong, what you are trying to do, and information on your configuration, it's difficult to say what could be the cause.

There is no 1 universal answer to explain 100% license usage, nor 1 solution to free up the licenses. Longhua Huang asked if a restart would "fix" the license problem, but that entirely depends on what is using the licenses. If you restart and the licenses get used again, you are no better off.

You need to look at what is taking up your licenses and understand what is going on in your application that could be triggering this. Were you running the instance without license issues before? If so, what changed? Maybe it is unusually high levels of activity or some particular action, but it would be unlikely for you and your commenters to be experiencing the same issue.

You can use the methods in this linked documentation to view your license usage. If you can't make progress in investigating, the WRC can work with you to look into your license usage.

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