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I agree with Lorenzo and Pietro as well! Since I believe you're looking to run tasks/code that has to do with your mirror failing over, I suppose it might be worth taking a higher level look at the scenarios you are hoping to address. Probably most of the things you want to do can be put in your ZMIRROR so that when your new primary takes over it can do whatever miscellaneous non-IRIS failover tasks you want.

What procedures do you need to be concerned about in a clean failover via shutting down the instance (triggering ZSTOP) vs in an unclean failover for whatever reason, in which case you would only expect your ZMIRROR to run?

In that case, I'd recommend reviewing the service user documentation I linked above. If you prefer to not set the service user for whatever reason, then using an admin command prompt would be a perfectly acceptable short term alternative.

Hi Mohammed,

This is a fairly common issue with Windows permissions. How are you opening terminal? Are you opening a Windows admin command prompt before entering the IRIS shell? Have you set a service user with the appropriate permissions to run Perfmon, if you are launching terminal from the cube?

Basically, this message is informing you that the user running the terminal (and trying to run SystemPerformance) is trying to open Perfmon and can't. The above are a few things to check.

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