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Hello again Fábio,

These errors are one part of the picture. It would probably be beneficial to open a ticket with the WRC so they can look into these errors and your performance issues to see if they are related/separate.

Do you know what queries are triggering these errors? w3wp.exe is an IIS process but I'm not familiar with EXTRService.exe or KIORAS. Perhaps the IP addresses can also help you narrow down the source.

The <READ> errors indicate something like a problem reading from the socket, but that doesn't explain the cause. There may be other logs you can review in your environment to help explain this.

To add-on to my initial post, I do think that if you use the same type of outbound adapter and inbound adapter (ie counted), it would be expected for the message to be accepted. Since you're sending XML I wonder why the operation isn't using the counted XML adapter. Hopefully, somebody with expertise in this area can help you.

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