· Jul 22, 2021

Challenge on Global Masters: Try InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service

Hey Community,

We are really looking for your feedback on a new offering - InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service. 
It went live on AWS Marketplace where you can try it for free!

We launched a related challenge on GM where you can get points for giving it a try and a "thank you" prize to everyone who leaves feedback in comments to this post.  


If you are not GM member, you can do following and also require your "thank you" prize:

#1 ✅ Try it out - here's a step-by-step guide. Would be so much value for us if you test it with your own HL7!

#2 ✅ Send me a screenshot of your status page for a pipeline showing both your username and a Live pipeline that has processed at least one message. Screenshot should look like this:

#3 ✅ What worked well? Any issues? Will you use it? Leave feedback in the comments to this post

We are VERY interested in seeing people try this service and provide us with specific feedback on how it might bring value to them and their organization.   

Looking forward to see your feedback!

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