· Dec 28, 2020

The Winner of the "Best Idea on What to Develop in 2021" contest

Hi Developers,

Thanks to all who participated in our competition for your awesome ideas of applications that can be developed in 2021. See what a great list of ideas you all created! Now it's time to announce the winner:

Meet the Author of the Best Idea: @Yuri Marx 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Congratulations!

💡 Yuri's idea: "HTML 5/Node.js documentation generator app, based in markdown and with the option to execute ObjectScript class methods like a developer portal. It is not to swagger API, but to Object Script".

Yuri gets our special prize: a personalized handmade leather wallet.

See the complete list of ideas in the comments to this postYou are very welcome to leave more of your ideas! We hope this list will bring inspiration to all of you.

We are excited to see new awesome applications and tools on Open Exchange in 2021! 

Happy Holidays and see you on Global Masters!

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