Alex Goncharov · Nov 6, 2017

Hello, evrybody, I'm writing one project using CSP("OnPreHTTP"), and also REST angular. At the beginning I wrote purely on csp, then I decided to use angular for the flexibility of the client part. Now I can not design logging, I created a table App.Log with properties

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Sometimes you can face the situation when you did update the web app on Caché server but you cannot get the newest version of the app in a browser.

Here are couple recipes which help me to solve it. From simplest to more sophisticated and not obvious.

1. Refresh page in a browser

In Chrome it is Ctrl+R or 'Refresh' button. Obvious, but helpful.

2. Hard reset in a browser

If you are in Chrome, open Developer tools

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There seems to be a problem with the sync/save. If I open a CSP file, add a CRLF to end of it and save the file I get a  sync conflict. This can't be right.

To make matters worse I can then select to  the local version and will then end up in an infinite loop where the CSP import/compiler keeps adding more and more CRLFs to the file.

You can see an example here:

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Hi everyone! My company has a Zen ERP application with CSP delegated authentication. Now, we're developing a separated BI application, using Angular, which consumes DeepSee REST API services. Both applications access the same Caché database.

How to implement single sign-on strategy in order to allow an already authenticated ERP user to access DeepSee REST services? Has anyone already implemented something like that?

Thanks in advanced.

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I have an application that as part of the registration process is using reCaptcha to provide a captcha. The issue is that service is served from Google and is unavailable in certain countries, namely China. I've been researching this some and believe it's possible to proxy the requests to the Google CDN to avoid the Chinese firewall ban on Google URLs, however I'm not quite sure how to do this in CSP. 

Does anyone have suggestions on how to solve this, either with a technical solution or an alternative service I can fall back to?
An example would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi All,

    I need some clarification on web service (Soap Service). For each Soap request, system consuming 1 license and it is not releasing until CSP session timeout and extra grace period 5.10 minutes(310 seconds).
    Due to this, at some time license consumption is full.
    If i use with Login credential (i.e password authenticated web service), it consumes one license for 25 connections(request).
    But i need to use it as anonymous user(Unauthenticated).
    Please advice.

Sabarinathan M

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Hi all-

We used to have this Java applet in our CSP page to "print all" and "download all" PDF medical reports.  We want this applet so that the user won't have to open each PDF in the browser just to print it.

But now most browsers do not support Java applets anymore due to security concerns, so that Java application is down.  We tried to migrate to Java Web Start but don't know how to invoke the JNLP file from the CSP page.  I am new to Cache so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am working in a csp application where the user can configure a TCPS Service in a guide like manor.

So I want to be able to present a html <select> element, the values / text I want to present in this control should be the ID field from Security.SSLConfigs in the %SYS namespace.

How would I go about doing this? Can this be done?

Best regards,


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I'm looking at adding multilingual support to a couple of open source projects I'm working on. The solutions are already developed in CSP so I am not looking for alternative approaches.

I'm wondering what would be the best approach for CSP and separate JavaScript files.

Initially I was wondering if I should bake the default system language text at compile time, or provide the end user with a language selection option at run time.

I came across $$$TEXT reading the docs...

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I am not system admin. But it used to be very simple to install CSP Gateway on an apache system on Linux with Apache installed. I used to run the CSP Gateway installation program and after it was done, all I had to do was fine tune some configurations on CSP Gateway portal on http://<ip>/csp/bin/Systems/Module.cxw and I was up and running.

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I have a DB server (ser-app-db) where cache is installed as server.

I have a Web server (ser-app-w) where cache is installed as web server and configured as CSP gateway.

I followed the configuration guide ( and ser-app-w perfectly display the CSP and CLS pages.


But that's not working for my REST service, for exemple with the REST sample:

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I only use Caché and CSP, I am making a simple request in CSP page with #call method, and I have to define a callback of this #call method, can I do this?

This is my simple request in CSP page (javascript):

            PainelBordoResource.prototype.obterIndicador = function(requisicaoParametros) {
                let retorno = #call(painelbordo.PainelBordoResource.obterIndicador(angular.toJson(requisicaoParametros)))#;
                return retorno;

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or "Things are going to break"

We left our application over the weekend, secure in the knowledge that it was returning data from our primary persistent class, User.Widget.  However, Widgets Direct are the premier supplier of both Widgets AND Widget Accessories, so we should really start working on adding these Accessories to our application. 

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From a browser, an XMLHttpRequest to a CSP page on a different server will obviously hit the CORS security check.

To get around this I can set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header on that particular CSP class.

However, setting any request headers on the XMLHttpRequest object will trigger a pre-flight OPTIONS request.

This OPTIONS request is not handled by the target CSP page and the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header is never set, triggering a CORS error.

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Hi everyone,

This is:

Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2016.2 (Build 736U) Fri Sep 30 2016 12:25:56 EDT

The server is on RedHat Linux while the browser is running on Windows (Firefox).

I am helping a partner build a complex modern HTML5 web application that talks with Caché using REST calls. They have been using %CSP.REST very successfully. Security works great as well. 

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sansa stark · Apr 21, 2017
Cache 5.02 License Error

Hi All,

    We are using the intersystem cache 5.02
    We having 80 license unit but don't the reason 50 unit have been consumed (CSP unit)
    This happen because of this page ran frequently "/apps/docmatic/%CSP.SysConnection.cls"
    Can anyone explain why this page ran frequently and consume license?

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