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The page in the management portal is limited and was never intended to meet the needs of everyone.

The intention was to make the information readily accessible from SQL, so people could use their favorite reporting tool or dashboard product. 

Wrapping SQL in a restful service would be straightforward and there is an example of a REST service that calls a query and generates the JSON for Grafana here 


When i wrote this, i was quoting an already old test report. While it may or may not have been correct at the time, it is certainly not relevant or useful today with modern hardware.

The proper story today is that there is a fixed CPU overhead per byte encrypted or decrypted.  

The fractional overhead of a single core  would be approximately the data read or write rate in bytes per second divided by the CPU clock speed in hertz.

So on my current 2.8 GHz laptop reading 100 MBs would take roughly 3.6% of one core. Different chips and data rates would give different results. 

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