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You gave me the magic trick, sir! This is a bit more informative.
CSP error occurred

  • Error: Page '/csp/healthshare/hsaccess/EnsPortal.Dialog.ProductionAddService.zen' does not exist ErrorNo: 5912 CSP Page: /csp/healthshare/hsaccess/EnsPortal.Dialog.ProductionAddService.zen Namespace: HSACCESS Class: <Unknown>

Now I'm curious how that Zen page would go missing. A production will work wonderfully for a day or three but go missing. Productions work fine when I install them but soon afterward this is the result.

I found that class in Studio, recompiled it, and my production allows me to add services again.

Thank you! I learned something new.

Hi Herman,

Thanks for the reply. That was the first thing I thought of and looked for. I'm using %OnPreHTTP() so nothing can be output before that finishes.

There's certainly something else going on here.


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