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Thank you Eduard, I appreciate your time on this.  

Maybe I'm just dense, but I still don't get it.  I'm not logged into the server at all.  I'm only connecting to the server through a CSP application.  In order to access the CSP application, I have to log into one of the cache user accounts.  It doesn't seem to matter which cache account I use -- even if I log in as _SYSTEM to run the CSP application, the $ZF shell is executing under user vrogers.

Yes, agreed.  The thing that puzzles me is that the shell environment variables pertain to my personal account, even though when the $ZF command is invoked from the csp page, and I'm logged into an unrelated cache account.  How is it getting the USER vrogers?

If I use $ZF(-1,"whoami > output.txt"), the output is "cacheusr"

But when I use $ZF(-1,"printenv > output.txt"), the output includes:


Thank you.

Thank you for the suggestion, Vic!  I think perhaps it was added after the version I'm using (?). At least, I don't find $ZF(-100) in my documentation and when I try the command, it fails.  Guess we're past due for an update.

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