· Jul 1, 2021

How to add time slot and theater in Cinema Application

I want to add time slot and category metadata to complete my cinema application.

I am following the documentation of the cinema application "" and in that,

I was trying to add theater and time slot. But I was not able to do that.

I was also trying to filter the records as per the ratings and category selection on the search bar. but this is showing some error.

I also want to know that how to add bootstrap in cps page?

Thank you

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Hi @Kishan Vaja 

I can't figure out your error message based only on this error message screenshot.

Did you go to the path informed on the error message?

There you can probably see more details about and understand what causes this error.

Now, your question about adding bootstrap to a CSP page. 
Yes, you can add bootstrap to a CSP page.

You can take a look at one of my projects on OpenExchange. 

The IRIS History Monitor it's one of them that uses bootstrap