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I do believe I found a decent solution to my own problem.

  • Rename the Angular index.html to index.csp. In angular.json, set the property to src/index.csp
  • Set the AutoCompile property of the Security.Applications web application to 1
  • Set ServeFiles to 3

That way, the index.html effectively serves as as a CSP page. No changes are done to the content of the index.html, IRIS seems to be happy with taking a plain HTML file as CSP. AutoCompile makes sure that the index.csp is compiled if needed (useful for local development). 

Yeah I think we'll be utilizing the OS auth for this!

Regarding the use case: Part of our team uses Studio on the "old" develop-on-remote-instance style of development. We built a process that grabs the code from the remote instance to deploy it to the next stage. It's an intermediary solution to building actual docker images instead of just pushing code into docker images.

Basically, a job would execute a git pull, then open an iris session, and execute a manifest updater that will pull the source code from a mounted volume. Right now, this is done manually because of said password prompt.

I might need to try this, though, it will probably be the same as allowing unauthenticated access - I should have mentioned the IRIS instance is running in Docker. We could bake an automation user into the image, but I guess anyone could just assume that users identity. 

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