We were thinking of using filebeat anyway. This might actually work smooth enough, with filebeat on the journal, filtering in a later step? I'll have to take a closer look at the journal itself, thank you!

Sadly it's a pure global in this case. But I will keep that in mind for the future, as logging to globals seems to be a common thing, and some actually are backed by classes.

Mine doesn't do that - yet. Still using HealthShare 2020.1. I assume it'll be added with a later version!

11:     ^FSLOG(10)    =    "DispatchRequest^HS.FHIRServer.Service^3245|Msg|Dispatch interaction search-type for MedicationAdministration"
12:     ^FSLOG(11)    =    "BuildIncludeList^HS.FHIRServer.Service^3245|_include|include: "
13:     ^FSLOG(12)    =    "BuildRevIncludeList^HS.FHIRServer.Service^3245|_include|revInclude: "

As for the polling - I guess with a timestamp maybe added in the future (We're planning to upgrade soon), this may very well be the smartest solution. Thanks!

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