I am looking for a general overview of how you would attach a document to a patient record in healthshare. For instance, an Advance Directive or Living Will.

Here are some starter questions:

  1. What format is required, if any? Can it be a PDF or DOC?
  2. How can/should it be submitted? HL7? XDS.b? Embedded in a CCD?

Sorry for the open endedness. Any info would be helpful while I research this.

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I have a program that displays the current running processes to the screen. I need to have a program execute that display program and capture the results to a file. The display program does pause at the bottom of each page waiting for an 'enter' to go to the next page.

Note( the display program will not successfully compile on the current system but it does work)

Also - very, very new to Mumps.



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I need to access the value of a setting I created (ex: name_BO) within the logic of my BP.

Property name_BO As %String(MAXLEN = "");

/// Additional Settings 
Parameter SETTINGS = "name_BO:Basic:selector?context={Ens.ContextSearch/ProductionItems?targets=1&productionName=@productionId}";

But the class is common and the production item names will change.

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· Oct 25, 2018
Healthshare Health Insight

I need help in health insight. I am trying to generate reports on deep see but i am not able to pull in the patient ids as these are our requirements for the project. Can anyone help me in unlocking this feature.
Can anyone help me with link to correct documentation on how to access the edge gateways of multiple facilities to access the clinical data on sql explorer.

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· Nov 9, 2016
access php


How to post and get data using php. I'm using a php external url. In the body in parsing the request as xml and when i execute this using fiddler it response the result as xml but when i consume it in classmethod it fails. I don't have a wsdl file how can i work it out?

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· Feb 13, 2023 7m read
My first experience in using IAM

Experience & feedback from online course "Hands-On with InterSystems API Manager for Developers"

With my basic knowledge of Docker container and REST API, I would like to have my first try on using InterSystems API manager to take control of APIs and microservices. I have completed this online course using my local IRIS instance as host (Windows OS) and IAM running on a Linux VM (guest).

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There are situations where we want to provide immediate feed back to inbound Web Service that a particular business operation is not running (status <> "running"). We don't even want to queue up the message. We just want the webservice to respond with an error stating the business operation is down.

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This is my first post, I have only been using Healthshare for a year.

We support multiple Healthshare test and development environments. We are trying to come up with the best solution for building an environment from scratch, as well as incremental updates. I am interested in hearing the pros and cons between using the Ensemble -> Export Production feature versus creating custom classes to do the install and setup.

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NewBie's Corner Session 29 Documentation on the Caché/MUMPS Global Structure

Welcome to NewBie's Corner, a weekly or biweekly post covering basic Caché Material.

This post contains several links to very good documentation of the Caché Globals Structure.

Like I said, "Perhaps the most difficult concept in Caché/MUMPS is its Global Structure."

universalNoSQL.pdf - http://mgateway.com/docs/universalNoSQL.pdf

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I want do to a "simple thing". Show a dynamic log of actions in the browser as we can see on Terminal. For that, I guess to make a simple CSP Page that show a new line every WRITE command is the thing I need.

But how I refresh after each WRITE?

How I can refresh the content automatically?

I made a simple CSP Page and in method OnPage I do this test:

write "Start..",!
for i=1:1:10{
hang 1
write "Doing "_i,!
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Hi Developers!

Recently I was asked, “How can a beginner in InterSystems technologies learn from InterSystems Developers community content to improve his developer skills”?

This is a really good question. It has several answers so I decided to write the post with the hope it could be useful for developers.

So! How to learn Intersystems Data Platforms(IRIS, IRIS for Health) from InterSystems Developers community content if you are a beginner?

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Making a Chart using Intersystems IRIS + Python

How to use the IRIS Native API in Python to access globals and plot some charts.

Why Python?

With a large adoption and use in the world, Python have a great community and a lot of accelerators | libraries to deploy any kind of application.
If you are curious (https://www.python.org/about/apps/)

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· Jan 19, 2018 3m read
DigitalOcean API implementation

Recently DigitalOcean introduced new plans for droplets, but as existing droplets stayed on the old plans I decided to use API to resize them automatically. After reading tutorial, I wrote partial client for DigitalOcean API, which I would like to share today.

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· Jan 13, 2020 1m read
Difference between while and for

While and for are pretty similar, but sometimes you need to do a not recommended thing - change cycle boundaries.

In this situation while and for are different. For calculates boundaries once per run and while calculates boundaries on every iteration.

Consider this code sample:

set x = 5
for i=1:1:x {
     write "i: ", i,", x: ", x,!
     set x = x+1

You'll get this output:

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· Oct 11, 2016
Cache deleting users

Very new to this side of cache....

So, currently in the habit of keeping all users forever, up to over 5000... ? is what if we decided to start deleting old users who have been gone from the company, how would it affect any account level information? notes, payments etc.... Is there any documentation anywhere that would answer this or describe this process or maybe best practices??

Sorry if this seems stupid but i am working on a proof theory for work.

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· May 16, 2018
Collect TrakCare's datas

Hey everyone,

Here's my issue, I would like to develop a web application which use and send datas to TrakCare app, but I really don't know how to communicate with TrakCare's datas.

With a little research, I think I could use "RESTForms" or "EnsembleWorkFlow" but I don't really get how...

Can somebody help me and tell me the way forward ?

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