Arun Kumar · Dec 1, 2017

Facing an issue in Restful Api webservice.

Hi Guys,
Can you please guide me to get rid of this issue. Please find the image files with this post.

Please let me know, before we are developing an API what are all the setup/Configuration(Apache/web server) need to do in my machine. 

If any lead would be appreciated. 

I don't know, in XMLNamespace parameter which URL need to use.  



Arun Kumar Durairaj.

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Why do you use such a strange url? You created the application with your class as Dispatch class. So, in this case, you should call this.


where /USER/REST is web application, and everything else is already what should be in a REST.

PS. I would not recommend do not use uppercase for web applications

Thanks for your help Dmitry. It's work fine. 

May I know, how to present the same information in JSON response. Can you please guide me on this. 


Thanks in advance. 

ClassMethod HelloWorld(Name As %String)
  set result = {
    "name": (Name)
  quit result.%ToJSON()