· May 15, 2017

Licensing Fails with ERROR #8610 : License keys are not accepted on Single User (SU) platform

I am trying to apply a temporary time-limited key for our organization to a Cache Server that I built out a few weeks ago for testing purposes. When I navigate in the portal to activate a new license key, I get this "ERROR #8610: License keys are not accepted on a Single User (SU) platform."

Is there something I need to do for this system in order to make it compliant for the key or do I need to request a new key from InterSystems that will work for this system? I didn't turn up anything on the web site here or via Googling the error and error text. I'm trying to enable and test mirroring and I cannot do that on the standard eval.


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As I understand it, the SU variant of the software is what's installed when you download from this page:

And as your error message states, this variant is barred from using a cache.key file to unlock further features.

I think you'll need a different software kit. AFAIK you'll be able to "upgrade" your current SU installation in situ without losing anything (provided you've followed the rules about how to name any of your own code that you store in %SYS).

Those of us with support accounts can download software kits via WRC Direct. But assuming you don't have such an account yet, the InterSystems folk who provided you with the evaluation key are probably the best ones to ask about how to get hold of the software kit you need.