Pilar Guerrero · Jun 18, 2018

Access the setting values within BP


I need to access the value of a setting I created (ex: name_BO) within the logic of my BP.

Property name_BO As %String(MAXLEN = "");

/// Additional Settings 
Parameter SETTINGS = "name_BO:Basic:selector?context={Ens.ContextSearch/ProductionItems?targets=1&productionName=@productionId}";

But the class is common and the production item names will change.

Example -> Class name: My.BP.Common

Items in the production:

Item 1:

  • name: My.BP.AA
  • use the class My.BP.Common
  • value of setting name_BO : My.BO.AA

Item 2:

  • name: My.BP.BB 
  • use the class My.BP.Common
  • value of setting name_BO : My.BO.BB

Where My.BP.AA and My.BP.BB use My.BP.Common class but have a setting  value (name_BO) different.

I need that in the logic of my My.BP.Common get the value of "name_BO" and then use this to do a call

It is important to say that the common class doesn't know the item name in the production


Can you help me?


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You can reference it as a normal property (which it essentially is).

If it's a BO, BS or  simple BP:

set a = .."name_BO"

If it's a BPL process:

<trace value='process."name_BO"'/>