Brenden (ByLigh... · Jan 7, 2019

checking the status of the business operation

There are situations where we want to provide immediate feed back to inbound Web Service that a particular business operation is not running (status <> "running").  We don't even want to queue up the message.  We just want the webservice to respond with an error stating the business operation is down.

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The Ens.Director has a classmethod "IsItemEnabled". 

Stelios, Yes...this is perfect!!  Thank you so much for answering so quickly.  Easy clean solution to add to our business operations.

Thanks again Stelios...huge help!


All possible job states (from

  • $$$eJobStatusStarting
  • $$$eJobStatusRegistered
  • $$$eJobStatusVisiting
  • $$$eJobStatusRunning
  • $$$eJobStatusDeQueuing
  • $$$eJobStatusQuiescent
  • $$$eJobStatusError
  • $$$eJobStatusHalted
  • $$$eJobStatusTerminated

Hi James

You could try see if you could get the job status of your Business Operation by querying the Enumerate() class query of the Ens.Job class.

SET JobStatus=""
&sql(SELECT Status into :JobStatus FROM Ens.Job_Enumerate() WHERE ConfigName='YourBusinessOperation')

The jobstatus should be "running" or "dequeuing". 

I hope it helps.