Manoj Jayaraj · Oct 19, 2016

Upgrade to Ensemble 2016

Hi All,

We are Upgrading the Application from Ensemble 2009 to 2016.1. We have imported the user, Roles and Resources.
But the Sql Tables and Sql Procedures are not being visible in Management portal -> Security Management -> User.
Please give me a solution or basics steps for importing those.

Manoj J

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Copy Cache.Dat from ensemble 2009 version to a separate location, and try mounting them directly into 2016.1. While copying Cache.Dat, keep the ensemble instance down.

let me know if this works.

Thanks for your response.

We already done that still the same problem exists.

Manoj J

Does the User you are logging into the portal with have %All?

You could turn on Auditing and enable Privilege violation auditing and see if something shows up there.

did you run $SYSTEM.OBJ.Upgrade() on the namespace? 

I also have the same problem.. If I use ℅All it works. But I want to restrict some access to different user roles. In that case I am still getting the same problem. Is there any other way??

It's likely that you didn't actually export the SQL Privileges. You can do that via ^SECURITY -> System parameter setup -> Export All Security settings. This will allow you to specifically export just SQL Privileges records if you answer 'no' to 'Export ALL security records?'

In Ensemble 2009 it doesn't have any separate options to export SQL Privileges like it has in Ensemble 2016. I have done what you said but the SQL privilege error still exists. Please help me out.

At this point, I suggest opening a WRC issue. 

I would also like to refer you to that article :-D