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If I get the current host name  from inside of it, then I can use this name to acces of the value of setting

set a = process.%ConfigName

write ##class(Ens.Director).GetItemSettingValue(a,"Host","Name_BO",.status)

I think I'm not fully understanding...

The logic is in the class "My.BP.Common"

Therefore, that class does not know the name of the item in production, because those items that use the class "My.BP.Common" will be created later.

For this reason a new parameter has been created in the basic configurations of the BP, using:

Property name_BO As %String(MAXLEN = "");

/// Additional Settings 
Parameter SETTINGS = "name_BO:Basic:selector?context={Ens.ContextSearch/ProductionItems?targets=1&productionName=@productionId}";

I want to obtain the value of this new parameter and use it in the class "My.BP.Common", regardless of the name i have in the production.

Is this possible?


set tSC=##class(EnsPortal.Utils).ItemSettings("Production.Name||Item.Name",.settings,.colNames)


set tSC=##class(EnsPortal.Utils).ItemSettings("Production.Name||Item.Name",.settings,.colNames)

I need to know the name in production

You mean the comment:

if ##class(Ens.Config.Item).NameExists("UT.Client.GPK.Production","RS.Transformation",.id) 
 set item=##class(Ens.Config.Item).%OpenId(id) write item.PoolSize 

But what the input values ​​mean?

  • UT.Client.GPK.Production -> production name ¿?
  • RS.Transformation -> class name ¿?

I have not found the function (NameExists) in the documentation

Thanks again!

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