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Sometimes I need to filter the widget on a dashboard from a different cube. And I face the following problem:

Widget A refers to a query from Cube A and I want to filter Widget B from Widget B.

Widget's B pivot refers to Cube B, and which has different dimensions for the same data.

E.g. cube A has the dimension Author and the Cube B has the dimension Member for the same data. So  there is no way to filter such a widget B from the widget A.

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Evgeny Shvarov · Mar 16, 2017
Articles' Views Analytics

Hi, Community!

I hope you know the option to use DeepSee analytics portal for Developer Community stats. You can find it in Community-Analytics menu.

Let me introduce the beta of new analytical dashboard 'Articles' Views', which is available in Authors folder.

It consists of two dashboards, first shows the running total of the views for the articles (to see the impressive growing curve).

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I created a DTL to do HL7 mapping. The test function in the tools works the DTL perfectly but when used by the rule in my business process, the OBX segments are stripped and the MRN is gone. The assigning authority and ID type are added into the PID but the actual patient MRN is blank (3.1 value).


Here is the source code. 

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I know there's a whole chapter on the subject but I would love a super simple video demo or sample configuration or training course. The myriad menu of options and unfamiliar prompts can make it a bit daunting. The challenge is simple. Send an email notification if the license usage exceeds n% LU consumption.  Why? A recent software change seemed to be responsible for causing the LU total consumption to reach 100%.

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John Murray · Mar 3, 2017 1m read
Atelier - the first three months

Almost exactly three months ago Atelier 1.0 was released. If you are an early adopter and have any feedback to share, here's a thread we could use.

For instance, during the Field Test I posted this article about the two explorers, Atelier Explorer (AE) and Server Explorer (SE). Presumably more people are now using Atelier, so I'd be interested to hear how it's going.

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Here is a screenshot from my 2016.2 FT instance of Studio and Ensemble:

I don't recall having seen the highlighted "+" suffix on document names previously. Who can tell me what it denotes?

I originally posted this in the Field Tests group but it turned out to be a 2016.1 feature that I hadn't previously noticed. So I subsequently moved the post to the Cache group.

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After restoring all the Cache related files on a machine, I am performing journal recovery using the command "^JRNRESTO". It works as described in the document and the recovery succeeds. However, the command is interactive. Is there a way I can run it in a programmatic way? I don't want to just supply a text file containing answers to all the prompts. I am wondering if there is way I can pass all the information upfront to the command.



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Bapu Hirave · Mar 24, 2017
Convert to JSON string

here is my $ZV string "Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.2.1 (Build 803) Wed Oct 26 2016 12:43:35 EDT"

 two questions

1. How do i convert any Persistent object to JSON String ?

2. How do i convert an y Register object to JSON string ?

3. Do i need to extend from any adaptor class for 1 & 2 ?

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Hello everyone. I have some problem with selecting my own globals from namespace. My task is select only globals created by me.  Follow my code, I get all globals from given namespace. 

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I have an EMR sending double quotes "" as the value. How do I write criteria to find this match in a DTL?


source.{PV1:DischargeDateTime()}="""" didn't work

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I am working on creating a DTL that can replace OBX segment with a string formatted NTE segment .  There is a class ImportFromString but it looks like that is not replacing the target message with the new formatted NTE. I do see  target.setvalueat class but I wanted the transformer to not be scheme base.  

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Tamer Rajab · Apr 3, 2017

how to exclude weekend(Friday) in sql statement i trade use select datediff(WK,date1,date2) but not working even i chose (Dialect mssQL)

Thank You

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suppose a part of my mdx query is [DIMENSION].[H1].[LEVEL1].CURRENTMEMBER.Property("PROP1").

If the source property of PROP1 is also used as a dimension level somehwere in the cube, this query will return a key  to the entry in the coresponding star table.

Does anybody know how I can follow that key and display the real value value?

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We are planning to use Caché users on a SOAP web-service, so the WS-security tokens will be used.
It will be username and password only for now.
The passwords should expire on a regular basis and this will be configured in the system-wide security settings.
The consumer of the web-service should be able to change their password on-demand or when it has expired, via a web-service call.

For the on-demand change, I can create a service method which can be called by the consumer to change the password.

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