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When I go through the Atelier Cheat Sheet on the connection configuration, it talks about an Eclipse master password and asks for two hints to remember the master password. However, it does not specify the master password. I can only assume the master password is the same as the Cache instance password.

Can anyone shed some light on this master password, where or how it is used, and any other useful information?

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Is there anyway to catch info/warnings into an Ens.Alert when the inbound adapter is skipping previously file (of any reason)?
Or any other way to pay attention to it.

In our log it usual have Warning or Info level and it stops there. We really want to create some kind of an alert when it happends.

All suggestions welcome



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Robert Cemper · Sep 2, 2017 2m read
SPOOL - the forgotten device

Hi all,

In recent discussions, answers, comments IO redirection (with the famous code) was quite often seen
as the ultimate solution. It is definitely strong stuff and you can not only log your output but also do
key-grabbing in input.

But I think for simple logging it's quite a significant overhead.
If you just need to get some text or dump your variables or objects then SPOOL should be sufficient for your needs.

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Sean Connelly · Aug 25, 2017
Runtime type detection


tl;dr how can you tell if a number is really a string

The original question has been updated/improved.

Equality comparisons on floating point numbers will produce different results...

"1.1"=1.1 //is true!

"0.1"=0.1 //is not true :(

This second comparison can be fixed with...

+"0.1"=+0.1 // is true!

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I am trying to capture the write of a method to test the response in an unit test. I know everything works because one of my colleagues ran the code and did not froze on his machine.

I don't what is the cause of the freeze. I know that at line Use $io::("^"_$ZNAME) it stopes because i have put some write functions after every line in WriteCapture method and i only saw the first write function in terminal

I also used debug and in this case it didn't froze

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Is it possible to save Cache code into a file and then run it via command line?

IE: csession [ini] -U [ini] /path/cacheCodeFile.?

What I need to do is run a Cache script from the Linux command line. The script will navigate data to produce a file and then it will exit back to the command line.

Thanks in advance for everyone's time.

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I need to check if one class is a subclass of another (either direct or indirect).

For example:

Class Package.ClassA Extends %Library.Persistent

Class Package.ClassB Extends Package.ClassA 

Class Package.ClassC Extends Package.ClassB

In this example Package.ClassC is a subclass of 3 classes: %Library.Persistent, Package.ClassA, Package.ClassB.

So any of these checks should return 1:

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Hello, I've completed this tutorial:
I've used the "year" level instead of a pivot variable.
I want to calculate something like the following variation: 100 * ([DateOfSale].[PTD] - [DateOfSale].[LYPTD]) / [DateOfSale].[LYPTD]
I create a new calculated member, under the same dimmension with the above expression.

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I need to get a list of all classes that are subclasses of two unrelated classes.

For example I want to get a list of all classes that are both:

  • Persistent (extends %Library.Persistent)
  • XML-Enabled (extends %XML.Adaptor)

To get subclasses of one class I can use this query:

set rs = ##class(%Dictionary.ClassDefinitionQuery).SubclassOfFunc("%Library.Persistent")

But what about two classes?

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Is it possible to dynamically adjust the RetryInterval andFailureTimeout settings in a BPL?

I've got a business process that calls a web service operation to get a session ID from an external system. There is a string property returned in the body of the response that indicate an exception occurred in the external system. I have code in the BPL that examines the property and sets the status property to an error status when that occurs.

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I am not system admin. But it used to be very simple to install CSP Gateway on an apache system on Linux with Apache installed. I used to run the CSP Gateway installation program and after it was done, all I had to do was fine tune some configurations on CSP Gateway portal on http://<ip>/csp/bin/Systems/Module.cxw and I was up and running.

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Rui Figueiredo · Aug 25, 2017
Zen Report - ErrorNo: 5540

I'm working on an existing Zen Report that uses queryClass/queryName to retrieve data using a class that has a Stored Procedure method. Which works fine.
I have created second class with a Stored Procedure method, I modified the zen report to use this class and now I'm having the following error.

Error: SQLCODE: -99 Message: User UnknownUser is not privileged for the operation
ErrorNo: 5540



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Lewis Greitzer · Aug 29, 2017
ad hoc sql service

Hi everyone, I have a SQL service that is working fine, except I don't want it to run on a schedule or continuously. I'd like to only run when requested. Run once and then stop until another request. Is there anyway to set up a service like that?

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Hello everybody.

What I have is a criteria how to select "my" strings. What I need is to replace all of them with macro calls (using the same strings as arguments) in all classes of current namespace.

I was ready to write straightforward code, but at the last moment decided to ask the community: maybe I've overlooked a smarter option?

Any comments and advices would be great appreciated.

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I have a process in which i call a rest operation in a while loop, get a response in JSON format of 50 issues, with paging, meaning this call will happen until the total amount of issues will be returned. each JSON is parsed into a proxyObject, and inserted to a list. later the entire list will be sent to an SQL operation which will write the data in the appropriate tables.

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William Vorhees · Aug 4, 2017
AES Encryption

Trying to use AES encryption for a url. I have a plain text string, a 16-byte key and a initialization vector. I am trying to match a C# implementation that uses RijndaelManaged class with a BlockSize = 128, Mode = CipherMode.CBC, Padding = PaddingMode.PKCS7. The output of the $SYSTEM.Encryption.AESCBCEncrypt(text,key,IV), doesn't match what is coming out of C#. All inputs into the $SYSTEM.Encryption.AESCBCEncrypt(text,key,IV) are converted to UTF8 as in the documentation.

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CM Wang · Aug 18, 2017

I want to manipulate all the objects whose type is%Dictionary.StorageSQLMapDefinition by %OpenId

However, I don't know the exact id to feed into %OpenId, is there a way to query all the existing ids of %Dictionary.StorageSQLMapDefinition in a namespace?


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Is there a way to omit or skip rollback of some data changes during a transaction rollback? Maybe some sort of "autonomous transaction"?

The issue is with error logging in transaction. For example we may have in nested calls the following structure:
<some code>
<error happens>
<error log to database>

but if this code is in another transaction, and that rolls back we lose error data.

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Hi, folks!

I'm sending emails with %Net.MailMessage.

How can I add a new line for the email body?

The code is:

dim msg as %Net.MailMessage = ##class(%Net.MailMessage).%New()
set msg.Charset="UTF-8"
do msg.TextData.Write("Dear  "_Username)
do msg.TextData.Write("Line1")
do msg.TextData.Write("Line2")
And I'm getting in email:
Dear UserLine1Line2

How can I get:

Dear User


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