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Alexandr Ladoshkin · Nov 23, 2017
Indexing null value

Dear community!

I have problem with index NULL value. Unique index doesn't work for this case. If I use insert and one of parameter is "NULL". Message of constraint doesn't appear and row is inserted into table successfully. How Can I use index with NULL?

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I have been working on a project in our Dev environment which resulted in processing a few (million) HL7 messages, and I thought it would be a good idea to purge the namespace in a controlled way. My concern was when it hit the day where the scheduled task would purge 'the day of a million messages', it would fill the Journal Drive quite dramatically and would happen overnight resulting in triggering a response from the poor person on out of hours support.

My idea of a controlled way was to:

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I ran the below query in three different modes. Coordinated Universal Time is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Time so there is difference in value from column 1 and column 2 in ODBC, Display mode, but not in Logical Mode. By default the query executes in ODBC mode when we query the data from outside world(via ODBC connection).

I don't know why query 2 and query 3 outputs different from query 1.

Query 1. Ran in Logical mode, DATEPART() took in memory stored timestamp data(stored in UTC)

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I have an Ensemble installation and just build my first RestService (using %CSP.Rest that forwards them to my Business Service). This works nice and fine when I use postman to make REST calls over http (port 57772). However when I attempt to make a request using https over port 443 I receive the following error:

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Dear community!

What do you think about webinar "Declarative programming on COS"? I want to do such one.

I am going to tell about main points of declarative programming and how you can implement it in your real projects.

Please feel free to write your opinion here.

Please if you wish to become a member of such webinar write me a message to with subject "webinar".

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Hello, this is going to be a stupid question, yea I know, there are no stupid questions.

Say, I have an Object Property, Name or Count or Title, or whatever.

How can I get a list, or find out all the different ways it can be expressed?


-Property Name As %Name;

-Property Name As %String="me"

-Property Name As %String [ Required];

But what other parameters, keywords, restrictions, lists, etc. that I can apply to this Property?

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This is a series of programming challenges for beginners and experienced Caché programmers.

For an introduction : go to article

The challenge of day 21 is about scrambling passwords.

There are a few functions you need to implement that will do operations on a string :

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We have an web application accessed using https, that uses CSP technology with frames.

The initial 'login' is via a single CSP page, which then redirects to another CSP page which creates the frames (4 in all) and loads a CSP page in each of those. For the most part the frames load without error, but sometimes when logging in and sometimes while using the system ' 5916 Illegal CSP Request ' errors occur.

I say 'login' in inverted commas as a Cache login is not performed just an application login, I don't know if that's relevant so thought I'd mention it.

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wx fg · Nov 20, 2017
how to release row lock?

I have restored one database from backup, but when I query from some of tables, prompt error :

this error remain after restart Caché service

I can skip this error with %nolock in select query.

My question is:

1. why there were locks after restart service?

2. Can I release/rollback these locks by sql so I can query without %nolock?

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P Patz · Nov 19, 2017
Force inner select to be executed

I have a query that I am attempting to run, but inner query is being rolled up into the overall query - per the optimizer (and jobexam observation). While I know that if the inner query runs first, I will eliminate a number of records (making the result set smaller, and return quicker).

Just an example of what I am attempting to do:

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Hello All,

I am looking to send out an email based on a patient's discharge where PID13-4 contains their email. We are currently using something similar with an Email.OutboundAdapter. However, in our current scenario we have a hard coded email in place as the recipient (as this is for order notification to a pager). In the scenario in question, I would need PID13-4 to populate as the recipient of the email. Does anyone have an example of something similar, or a suggestion on where to start?


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This is a series of programming challenges for beginners and experienced Caché programmers.

For an introduction : go to article

Today's challenge is a variation on the White Elephant gift exchange (, in this case, by a bunch of Elves where only one can have all gifts.

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This is a series of programming challenges for beginners and experienced Caché programmers.

For an introduction : go to article

You walk into a room, step on a tile and hear a loud click...

Traps !

The challenge is about avoiding traps.

You can recognise if a tile is a trap by following scheme :

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Thanks a lot, that we finally got the new version of Atelier, where most of the errors were fixed.

But I've found some have not fixed yet.

    set destination = $listget(waypoints,*)
    set $list(waypoints,*,*)=""

In this code, Atelier does know about asterisk as a second argument to $listget function.
And in this case, even shows next lines as an error.

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