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Cube Event Monitor available on OpenExchange!

InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence provides the Cube Registry as an interface for managing and scheduling build and synchronize tasks for your cubes. The Cube Event Monitor is a new tool on Open Exchange to help you keep track of those events' status and performance, the number of records being updated, and any build errors (errors when processing individual records) that have occurred. The tool consists of the following components:

  • Two IRIS BI cubes – one for tracking Cube Registry events and the other for tracking build errors
  • Dashboards as an interface to view those cubes’ data
  • Two simple email alerts to help you monitor your system's cube events

The Build Errors Dashboard:

This dashboard displays information about build errors in the current namespace, showing how many errors have been logged for each cube and some information about the types of errors encountered. When used with IRIS 2019.1.1 or later, or with Caché or Ensemble 2018.1.3 or later, it shows the date when each build error was logged. It also provides an interface to try reprocessing the records that encountered build errors for a given cube.

This dashboard tracks build errors directly and you can use it whether or not you are using the Cube Registry. The other dashboards rely on the Cube Registry's log of events for their data.

The Cube Manager Dashboard:

This dashboard allows you to select a cube and see information about its Cube Registry events over the last 60 days. It shows how many facts were updated, on average, by the cube's build or synchronize events on each day; how long those events took; whether there were any events with errors; and how the cube's total size has changed over that time.

The Recent Cube Events Dashboard:

This dashboard provides a view of the most recent Cube Registry build and synchronize events for each cube in the namespace, showing when those events occurred and whether there were any associated errors.

The Recent Cube Event Errors Dashboard:

This dashboard shows details of any Cube Registry events in the past week that returned an error status.

Email Alerts (optional):

When setting up the Cube Event Monitor, you have the option to specify an email address that you would like to receive alerts. If you do, that address will receive up to two alerts each morning – one if there were any Cube Registry events with errors in the past day and the other if there are any unfixed build errors in the namespace that the tool is set up in.

Getting Started:

You can download the code for the Cube Event Monitor via Open Exchange. Instructions for setup are also available there. Please feel free to ask any questions about this tool on the Developer Community or submit any problems or suggestions as issues on the Open Exchange page!

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