Ahmad Bukhtiar · Dec 5, 2020

How to know the storage of Edge Productions? and if storage size increased by 5% as compare to previous day we want to trigger email to system admin

Hi, we suddenly noticed that one of the edge storage increased by 30% and it was due to ERROR globals which was throwing repeated error for 7 days and it consumed 35GB space. Is there a way to log the storage of edge production on daily basis and compare the increase in storage with previous day and if increase is 5% more than trigger an email to system admit to look why the storage increased suddenly. 

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Hi Ahmad,

IRIS has multiple ways to get operational statistics, most recent addition being /api/monitor REST service (docs) which you can use either from our pre-packaged SAM solution (docs) or from your own setup of Prometheus/Grafana or similar tools

our version is 2019.1 so these new options not available, any other thoughts?

On older versions you can use built-in health monitor (docs)

You can also use  SNMP (docs) with SNMP agent like Zabbix