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I would expect the "catchall" to work in this situation - it's how I catch general exceptions not otherwise handled. Are you using "catchall" or attempting to "catch" a particular exception with catch? If using catch, a gotcha for new players is that it only works in conjunction with a BPL "throw" as it will only catch based on a string in a corresponding throw and not based on a %Status value or %Exception or whatever.

This article needs to link to pre-requisite articles to be of much use. For a developer who is used to writing ObjectScript in Studio on a local Ensemble installation, the starting point for this video is so far removed from what is familiar as to make it pretty useless. Similarly, for a newcomer to InterSystems development there is little here to latch onto to get things started. As part of a series this might well make a lot of sense, but as a standalone video its like demonstrating how to build a space rocket by showing an astronaut strapping themselves in for takeoff - it felt like all of the hard work had already been done.

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