Duncan Priest · Aug 9, 2019

Docker image with HL7 v2 support?


I've had a play with the Docker image for IRIS Community Edition, but was disappointed to find that it seems to lack any of the HL7 v2 features that I'm familiar with in Ensemble/HealthShare. Is there another image with these features enabled (IRIS for Health Community Edition perhaps?) or is there any plan to make such a Docker image available? I'm a big fan of the move towards publishing Community Editions of your tools as this makes it possible to both maintain skills when work dictates using other technologies and licensed installations are not available, and also pursue development tasks purely as a hobby / personal development activity. However, the lack of the HL7 features is a big omission.




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The catch with the cloud options is of course that while the InterSystems side of things is free, the infrastructure on which it runs has a monthly cost. Hence the appeal of a downloadable Docker image.

Hi Duncan,

before getting IRIS for Health on Docker Store, you can start with IRIS for Health Community Edition available on AWS, Azure and GCP.

Kind Regards,


I agree ; that's a drawback.

BTW, if you're a partner with a Software Update contract, you can download the IRIS for Health containers directly from WRC Containers Distributions web site :

Hi Duncan,

great to hear that you find the community edition beneficial! We are currently working on making the IRIS for Health Community Edition available on the docker store as well. I can't give you an exact time window, but it shouldn't be too far away. Stay tuned, it will be announced on the developer community when it is available.

As Sylvain has pointed out, you can always pull the images from the WRC Distribution page if you are a registered partner. The offerings on AWS, Azure or GCP can still be helpful with zero cost, as you often get a voucher when you sign-up for a new account. Enough for playing around for sure.



Hi Stefan,

Any update on making the IRIS for Health Community Edition available on the docker store.  We'd really like to start playing around with this while we wait for a purchase contract to get done.


Don Martin, Sanford Health.