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Hi Lee,

The "range" language may be a bit confusing, so to be clear - %TIMERANGE() returns a single member expression.

I'm on a different version, but COUNT(%TIMERANGE(...)) appears to work for me, and it returns 1 (which is expected because %TIMERANGE() returns a single member). In general, member expressions like the result of %TIMERANGE() can also be interpreted as set expressions containing a single item, so I would expect COUNT(%TIMERANGE(...)) and the like to be valid MDX.

I'd suggest opening a WRC issue for this as well - it's great to post questions like this on the Developer Community when you're uncertain about the expected behavior, but once we've determined that the behavior you're seeing is unexpected, there is more that we can do to investigate and help you in the context of a support issue.

Hi Lee,

It's not obvious to me what is going on here - ".&[NOW-1]" is certainly expected to work. I think it would be a good idea to open a support issue so that we can help you with this.

Thanks, everyone - creating and saving a workspace in a folder and then opening the folder worked.

Since it seems like this is a fairly common problem, I wonder if it's worth going into a little more detail in the installation docs about what is needed to get the button to appear.

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