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Hi Virat,

I'm not sure what you have in mind in terms of debugging. For scheduling an export of IRIS BI results to a PDF, I would recommend looking at the Pivot Subscriptions app, which is available here on Open Exchange. This tool allows you to export individual pivots, not dashboards, but you could schedule multiple pivots to be exported (and emailed) on the schedule that you need. The other option that comes to mind is %DeepSee.Utils:%ExportPDFToFile(), but that method is for exporting a query's results; I would expect Pivot Subscriptions to be much more useful for your situation.

Hi Ephraim,

It looks to me like you have defined the Region level with a source expression of "sourceRegion". The source expression will be interpreted as an ObjectScript expression to be computed for each record when you build the cube. In this case, it is being interpreted as a literal string, so the value of the level for every fact is "sourceRegion".

Do you have a property in your source class called Region or sourceRegion? Assuming your source class has a property called Region, you can select the Property option in the level details (above the Expression option), and enter Region (without quotes) there. This is equivalent to using the Expression option and entering %source.Region (again, no quotes).

If you are still having trouble with this level after trying this, please feel free to open a WRC issue to get support.

Calculated measures (and other calculated members) are evaluated at runtime whether they are defined in the cube definition or elsewhere. (Measures other than calculated measures are evaluated at build time and their values are stored in the fact table, but I don't think that would be suitable for what Nick wanted to do here.)

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