· Dec 11, 2020 1m read

Integrating QEWD with IRIS over a network connection

QEWD is assumed by most people to only integrate with IRIS (or Cache) via a connection through IRIS's high-performance C interface.  This requires QEWD (and its Node.js environment) to be installed and configured on the same machine as IRIS.

I'm frequently asked if QEWD can run on a separate server (or servers), and access IRIS (or Cache) over a network connection.  The answer is yes it can, but the information on how to set it up in this way has been admittedly a bit tricky to discover.

So I've now rectified that, and pulled together all the information you need into one place, if you want to run QEWD (on any supported platform) with a networked connection to IRIS (both native installations and Dockerised IRIS).  And furthermore, once you get it working, I've included all the documentation you need to then start developing REST APIs and interactive applications, as well as exploring all the capabilities of its QEWD-JSdb abstraction of the IRIS database.

Simply go to this repository and you'll discover all the information you need:

(It's still a work in progress, but it should be completed by next week.  The missing parts are pretty esoteric.  All the key stuff to get you started is in place, and should keep you busy while I finish it all off!)

Let me know if you find any errors, omissions, or have suggestions for improvements


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