It looks like the logged in homepage is missing some elements.  

 - Masthead image with info about Global Summit

 - Announcements -  I thought items from the announcment group would be on the home page (seems logical important announcments on the homepage?)

 There just seems to be some random posts on the home page.  What filter put them on my homepage? 

It is not newest based on the timedate stamp.

It is not based on groups or tags.

It is not based on the number of comments 

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Hi, InterSystems Developer Community!

We are working to improve this site to make it comfortable to read, contribute, share and get answers from InterSystems Developer Community!

But while we haven't fixed some UI issues please find in this post some simple answers on how to deal with Developer Community.

How to add post?

Open Communities page, choose desired e.g. Caché and click "Create New Post" button.


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Today DC supports the notifications for the posts' updates. It means if someone changes the post text, title, group or tag you can be notified about that.

But this notifications just inform that there were updates, but do not show what exactly was changed in the post.

So through this, you can get the notifications for the posts from previous years without any reason what's happened.

I would suggest to turn off this types of notifications until we'll implement the details in notifications, what exactly was changed in the post and why did you get it. 

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When I'm searching across the community I find lots of interesting questions sometimes with
excellent answers and suggestions. Quite often It's more than one solution.
Then I'm mostly missing an indication which solution worked or that nothing worked at all or the case was dropped.

I understand a community as partners working together, sharing experience and knowledge.
Many participants seem to have the same understanding and share their results.

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I am working on a Rest Service that should accept a particular content type. How and where can I set the value?

I have tried setting the value %response.ContentType by overriding Page method OnPreHttp()  but from what I see this method never got executed. 




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Kurro Lopez · Jun 14, 2017
Change login

Hi all,

I wonder how to change the login email that I've in Comunity.

According to My acount - Account setting, I can change it using the portal, however there is not any link or option to change it.

Is there other way to change the email? Currently I'm using the work email and I want to change to personal email.

Best regards

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There is no obvious way to provide feedback to the development community. In order to find the topic to find open discussions, I had to search for "feedback".


There should be links in standard places; without doing research these place probably include: menu, front page, footer.

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Thomas Carroll · Jan 24, 2016
Unable To Change Name


I'm currently unable to change my First Name from my account page.

Although my name is Thomas, I go by Joe.

Is there a reason I'm not able to edit my displayed name?

How can I change this?


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Scott Beeson · Nov 18, 2016
This text editor... I swear...

I had typed up a large reply and then learned something new so I intended to hit CTRL+A to select everything and delete it.  Can't do that.  Apparently CTRL+A, like backspace, causes the input field to lose focus.


I HATE this editor.

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Here in Community I use the WYSIWYG Text format control to answer questions and other quick text entries.

But for longer posts when I want formatting or if I am building incrementally over several days I use the Plain text (supports markdown) control because it's quicker and easier to post an article I have written offline. In this post I share my workflow and a set of tools to publish long read posts.

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I'm curious what factors led to the choice.  

I thought it was odd that a software company chose Drupal as opposed to a custom solution, but now that I know you're using JIRA the decision of Drupal over Confluence really has me perplexed.

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With this release we've done a few things with subscriptions

1. Exposed personalization settings so you can control how and when you receive the email subscription notifications. See the image below

2. The ability to selectively subscribe to email notification for content by Tag. At the top of the "Browse by Tag" page there is a new link to Subscribe with Email.

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Hi, Community!

If you prepare your longread for DC in Microsoft Word or Google Docs there is one very easy way how to add your formatted text and images in DC post at once.

To make it do the following:

1.Click Create Post on Developer Community.

2. Copy all the text in Word o GDocs to the buffer.

3. Click the button Paste from word (see the shot):

4. Paste the text to the opened window an press OK.

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